North America, Europe · 7 Days · 7 Moments · July 2018

Riley's journi to Iceland

19 July 2018

our friend peotrics place in keflavik! he’s a 39 year old polish dude who is very friendly and we became friends within the first 5 min of getting out of our taxi in the city center
keflavik airport, iceland

14 July 2018

place is absolutely astonishing. literally narnia. we explored these cliffs and marina and walked up and down a lot of the peninsula where we were at. actually took my breath away and you could take a few steps and all of a sudden it was a whole new perspective you hadn’t seen before that is just as insane. will not forget
sights of keflavík
walked from airbnb into keflavík and got food at olsen, an american themed diner

13 July 2018

met this nice polish fella named Peter and his friends Timoteausx and Dominic. they are all from Poland but living in Iceland working at different jobs. we had some beers and food with them and walked all over Keflavík (where we landed and stayed the night), they were unbelievably hospitable and nice and kept trying to make sure we thought fondly of the Poles after meeting them, which we do now of course. they also drink a TON. they showed us a cool cave where there’s some giant statue that apparently eats bad babies our airbnb we stayed in was on the very edge of town so we walked a lot of miles going to and from the city center and bach
taking off from chicago!