Germany, Estonia · 5 Days · 7 Moments · August 2017

With AIDAdiva through the Baltic Sea

25 August 2017

Today we arrived at Estonia. Tallinn to be exactly. It rained the hole time but we went to see the city. Because of the heavy rainfall we bought tickets for a shuttle bus. At the market of Tallinn I tired cinnamon almonds. Very delicious. If you ever go there try them! Later I found a nice cafe and eat some great chocolate cake

24 August 2017

Today wasn't that exciting... I went to explore the ship and meet others at the teens meeting point. We had a lots of fun. In the evening there will be the welcome party on the pool deck with a laser show. I' ll see how long I'm going to stay awake.

23 August 2017

With the car we arrived at Warnemünde harbour. Our cabin lies on deck 4 the first floor with passenger cabins. Luckily we have a window. Tomorrow we will have a full day on the open sea.
Due to the fact that I won't have good Wi-Fi connection on board the updates are going to come a bit later. Sorry

21 August 2017

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