United States of America · 4 Days · 18 Moments · November 2017

Pine Island RV Park, Oklahoma

6 November 2017

Made it back 14706

5 November 2017

Stoping for gas at the same Phillips 66....
Stop for Subway in Miami...
Departing 14507

4 November 2017

Dinner time
Of course someone (susie) decided for Smores before dinner...
Cheese and crackers time
Going to do some recognizance for next week's trip with Kenny
Just finished breakfast and now watching old Saturday night live past performances
Dogs are moving so I guess we need to get up...

3 November 2017

All set and we are relaxing and having some cheese and crackers ... Susie's favorite 😁😁...
Just finished our set up ... Took a little bit longer than normal but we definitely took our time ... and the dogs made it a little bit more interesting... in site #425 It has a great view and with no other campers around is a great site but in the middle of the summer your neighbors would be right on top of you
We made it to our destination very much off the beaten path a lot of curvy roads and small little hills and quite vacant this time of year but turns out to be a pretty good little set up especially for a first time with the dogs ... Millage 14459.
Time to stop for gas and we're gonna stop at a Conoco that we've used in the past .... great for RV Gasing up ... millage 14415
Dogs looking a bit stressed.... time for Potty Break
Stoping for breakfast at McD's
Got up about an hour later than we wanted but it was good to sleep in ... I sent Susie to get propane, after she showered and got ready... mean time I got the camper all ready to go ... 1st trip ever taking the 2 big bone heads (Jada & Apollo) camping with us ... departed a little bit later then we want to but not by much ... millage 14268

2 November 2017

It started Thursday night with construction of bathroom shelves and storage for fishing poles... then paking it all up...