United States of America · 3 Days · 15 Moments · October 2017

Lake Carl, Pine Grove RV Park, Oklahoma

8 October 2017

Stop for lunch at the Smokey Pokey
Stop for lunch at the Smokey Pokey
Departing 12131
Starting to clean up and move out
Morning coffer

7 October 2017

Just passing the time away sitting by the campfire ... Enjoying a Crown and Ginger 🥃... nothing like a night in the country relaxing and staring at the stars ✨
Cheese and crackers with the wife
Lunch with Jimmy
Breakfast dishes and getting ready... took a walk ... favorite camp sites in the camp ground 34 and 39-46

6 October 2017

12014 we are here
Made it to WSU in decent time
Phillips 66 just south of Emporia 11837
Stoped for breakfast 11816 4.8 gas
Departing 11714