United States of America · 2 Days · 9 Moments · July 2017

Camping, Bloomington East at Clinton Lake

9 July 2017

We made it ... Tannor took a time laps video but i cat attach it to this app... final milage was 5757.
On our way home after about an hour of getting thing's in order... for the future i would say camping spot #7 is the best and anything between #7 and #11 is doable ... starting millage is 5702.
Morning... Time to get moving ... no breakfast, just up and out ... but it may take me a few minutes to get Tannor moving??

8 July 2017

Fishing at dusk....
Heading out to Fish 🐟🐡 ... it's pretty hot so not thinking that noon is a good time ... if all else fails we can play frisbee golf ... but it's nice to be out on a great day...
So it's morning and the best time to fish ... but Tannor is doing the sleep in thing... having pancake then heading to the lake...

7 July 2017

Done in 40 min ... not as good as Susie and I but it was Tannors first go ... we have quite a few cool new items and toys to try out this trip ... slide out supports, grill and grill stand, pantry supports and bed room television... time to start a fier in the pit and make some burgers.
We made it finally ... stoped at Bass Pro and you can't just walk in amd out of there!! 😄😉 Then stoped at Hen House for some burgers ... Then on the way there was a road closed that we had to drive around ... however, saw quite a few ranches off the beaten path that were quite stunning 🐎🐄 ... final millage was 5688 ... let's see how quick Tannor and i can set up....
Susie is on her way to LA with Jessica for a weding and i have the entier weekend open ... So took off work early and going camping with Tannor and Katelynn ... took our time getting ready because check in isn't till 5pm ... Tannor and i are all set and we are departing finely at 4pm ... millage is 5634... stoping on our way to get some Fishing lures and hamburgers .... on our way to Bloomington East Campground at Clinton Lake just outside Lawrence, Kansas ... shouldn't take more than an hour after our two stops.