United States of America · 2 Days · 12 Moments · August 2017

Rick and Susie Camping at Lake Perry, Kansas

27 August 2017

The rain was starting to move in around 9:30am. So got up about 45 minutes before that and started packing up the camper. Got out of there just as the rain was getting ready to come down ... stopped and cleaned out at the clean out and then headed out ... Made it home by noon

26 August 2017

Leaving to head back to the campsite and spend one more night there before going home Sunday morning.
At concert....
So the plan for the night is going to the KFKF throwback throwdown concert in Bonner Springs.... Joe Diffy, Wrestles heart, Sammy Krinshaw, Montgomery Gentry ... Katelynn and Tannor are going to meet us... getting dressed up and headed out from the camp site.
Heading back from boating and hitched a ride from friends of Chuck... it was a great day in the sun...
Out to the lake with Chuck

25 August 2017

All set up in the normal 35 to 40 minutes and now getting a fire started to sit and enjoy cheese, crackers and some drinks...🥂🍹🥃
So Tanner didn't find the keys but he was able to meet us halfway ... so we only took about an hour and a 1/2 to get back ... Now we will start the set up process ... We are in camping spot #26 in Cougar Pass and it's a pretty nice space ... we will go around tomorrow to see if there are others that are maybe better for future reference.
Heading back now😣😥😝😲😢😤
So we made it, only took us about an hour 👍👏 Now Susie and I will get out and try to beat our record time of setting up … Oh Shit!!! We just looked at each other in a blank stare 🙈🙉🙊 We don't have the keys and we don't know where they are 👎🖕 .... we're gonna have to think this one through … after a frustrating few minutes we have decided we are going to take apart the hitch on the 5th wheel and head home and get the keys... hopefully Tanner can find them or at least meet us with the spare set.
After a morning of work i headed home to pick up Susie for lunch ... we packed the camper the night before ... But now leaving for Perry Lake just North of Lawrence ... picked this lake becouse we plan on meeting up with Chuck to spend time on his boat