United States of America · 3 Days · 10 Moments · July 2017

Oak Grove RV Park in Branson, MO

16 July 2017

Home 6562
Stoped for lunch... lost spare tier cover
Departing 6348

15 July 2017

End of a long day at Silverdollor City...
Picture opportunity....
Kids playing tic tac toe ... Mark and Tannor lost ... what?? nobody looses at Tic Tac Toe!!!
Our Saturday consist of Silver Dollar City... traffic was a bear... but we made it...

14 July 2017

Tannor made it so now we eat... and we are watching elf during dinner ... kids love that movie...
We made it... final milage was 6309 ... showing Mark how to set up the camper..
Departing for a Rick + kids camping trip to Silverdollor City in Branson MO ... Susie is taking Caitlynn, Hanna and Charlein to Nashville for a 21st birthday celebration... starting millage is 6097... Katelynn and Payton are riding in the back "not smart"!!