North America, Asia, Europe · 9 Days · 56 Moments · October 2015

Rich's journey through Turkey and Greece

31 October 2015

This guy... He said there was a cruise... He said there were lounges... I should have known better.
All packed and ready to head home.

30 October 2015

Ancient city of Pergamum
Quick stop at Thyateira from Revelation 2

29 October 2015

The church at Sardis
Enjoying the Turkish cuisine.
Quick stop at ancient Philadelphia to read about the church mentioned in Revelation 3
Laodiceia one of the 7 churches of Revelation. Neither hot nor cold.

28 October 2015

This says it all.
Getting great shots of important things...
Thermal Pools at Hierapolis
Another great lunch stop.
Some amazing ruins here in Aphrodisias
On the road again. So glad to have Dr Mark Anderson with us on this trip. His insights into Greco Roman history has been amazing.

27 October 2015

A little stop at Miletus and a chance to study from chapter 20 of Acts.
Behold! The turkeys of Turkey! Trip complete.
Stopped by an amazing restaurant Brizim Ev hanimeli not very far from Ephesus
A few more great photos from our time in Ephesus
Nike: just do it.
A few photos from Ephesus
Leaving the boat to go see Ephesus. Great to be back in Turkey again. Crazy night at sea and I may or may not have been sick the entire time. All that to say glad to get off the boat.
Always fun when you run into unexpected friends in far off place. Who would have thought Ken and Judy Peet would be on the same boat cruising around the Greek Isles

26 October 2015

Cruising the Greek Isles. Making our way to Ephesus.
Good morning Athens

25 October 2015

Exploring the acropolis in Athens as well as Mars Hill where Paul preached in Acts 17
Climbed to the top of the fortress above Corinth. Great view and perspective of the Corinthian coastline.
Spending some time in the ancient city of Corinth. Paul was brought before the bema here as well as preached and worked in the city. Studied out of Acts the account of Paul in the city as well as the letter to the Corinthians.
Landed in Athens
Traveling with likeminded people is a gift. No matter where you are or the circumstances (4am wake up calls) there is always good conversation and good company.
Saying good bye to Thessaloniki and heading to Athens.
Early morning at the airport. Athens and Corinth here we come
Leaving Thessaloniki and heading to Athens on an early flight. 4 am here we go

24 October 2015

Seeing the sites around Thessaloniki
Spent some time at Philippi. A place where Paul built up a church and encouraged them to reflect Christ in the midst of a pagan world. Brings the book of Philippians alive.
On the road
Rich giving some morning inspiration. 1 Thessalonians, your actions speak out who you are.
Hanging out with the Bell's before our first day here in Greece.
Getting ready to start the day.

23 October 2015

Travel days are always a mix of emotions. A lot of hurry up just to wait plus circumstances that are always out of your control yet effect your life usually 30-48 hours. Between delays, lost bags and travel fatigue I sometimes forget the significance of what we are here to learn and see. As I head to bed and read through a portion of Thessalonians I quickly am brought back to the fact that Paul writes that book to this particular city that I am in right now. Needless to say I (we) are excited to see what new insights tomorrow will bring as we study Gods word.
We drove through the town of Thessaloniki and arrived at our hotel for the night. Shower, good night sleep and then on to see sites in the morning
All trips have fun snags. Such as missing luggage.
Landed in Greece and there were flowers waiting for Linda
Met up with Tom and Linda in Istanbul. Now off to Greece
12 hrs down and just a few minutes to go. Great flight, good food and a little sleep. Connecting time to the next flight is very short so we might have a new adventure ahead of us. Part of me wants the chance to go explore Istanbul tonight.
Flying high

22 October 2015

Getting ready to fly 13 hours to Istanbul. The adventure begins.
And the trip begins as 17 of us plus a camel are getting ready to go.
LAX international terminal is great
Leaving the lounge
Living the lounge life. 👍🏼
This trip is one that I have been looking forward to for a while. A chance to explore the New Testament with some friends in ministry that I respect and love. Looking forward to growing together and digging into the word.
Becky was unable to make this trip but I am excited to journey with my good friend Allan.
Quick stop at Mendocino Farms for lunch before heading to LAX