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Richard's adventure in Key West, FL, United S

8 June 2017

The following morning, it was off to my cousin's in Deleware. Along the way, the first of many stops for Frostys at Wendy's (fourth picture). An early departure and good weather got me there before dinner and she welcomed both of us with her famous hospitality (for Italians, that means good food) (fifth picture). Her dog Vino (who gets mail addressed to him, last picture) kept us entrtained.  Once again I got to visit with my 100 year old and 97 yer old Aunts (6th and 7th pictures respectively). After a very nice visit with, it was time to set off for the Outer Banks, more on that in my next report.  "Pumkin Spice" has been performing flawlessly and I have been sorting out my other gear as I go, including my new steep learing curve of Android phone and tablet. More to come to bring everryone up to the present shortly. Thanks for your patience. Guy Smiley (for Rich) signing off 
Hi all, (See first picture) Guy Smiley here from Sesame Street fame. I will be your intrepid reporter for Rich's excellent adventure. Please forgive the slow first report, Rich and I have been doing quite a bit to get off and running and have not had too much "down time" to check in as you will see. After  quite a bit of organizing, we loaded up the bike (2nd picture) with clothing, riding gear, and camping equipment (on the passenger seat) and hit the road now 2 weeks ago (where does the time go).  Departure was a very late 4:00PM which got us to the first stop at Ft Montgomery, NY at an even later 10PM after we got stuck at a Shell station when storm cell went trough bringing torrential rain and lightning (bikes do not do well with lighning and my hair is poofy enough already). Once there we celebrated making it through with a drink suitable for our respective personalities (third picture).

8 May 2016

7 May 2016

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