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24 July 2017

Don't trust the trains in Myanmar. After a 6-7 h Nightbus from Inle lake I arrived at atound 5:30 am in PyinOoLwin. This should give me 2 1/2 h to wait for the train. Turns out one train broke the day before and I should come back to the station at 1 pm. So I took a 6 km walk to the botanical garden to kill some time. When I came back they changed the time to 4:30 pm. At the end the train arrived at 4:15 pm and at around 11 pm in Hsipaw. 😴

23 July 2017

Sunrise boattrip on inle lake with Breakfast on the lake Local market Silver smiths Tabacco rolling Lotus fabric Temple visit Tomatoe farms Canoe fun Traditional makeup Super lunch And sleepy time

20 July 2017

Biketour on the Inle lake. After a 6-7 h minibus drive to Inle Lake I made a biketour with some hostelfriends the next day. At 'Song of Travel' Hostel you can rent bikes for free! It's the best way to explore this unique place with the many floating villages and beautiful landscapes. A boat took us on the other side of the lake for 4k Kyat pp. We had great food at the Bamboo Hut and descend wine at the Red Mountain Estate Winery on the way back yo the Hostel.

19 July 2017

The Inle Hut If you want to get great indian food served with the biggest Eminem fan ever, this is the right place for you! His way of talking is serious gangster style that will make you wonder and laugh, and his mother, both embarressed and proud of his son invited us for an afternoon spicy chai and some fried vegetable. A very lovely place!

18 July 2017

The animals of Bagan. Dogs, cows, goats, chicken, birds and bats, snakes, ... you got it all. (Sunrise from last post was made on the marked spot, the Bulethi Pagoda)

16 July 2017

Driving around in Bagan with an e-bike and discovering the complex of temples and pagodas is so much fun! Most of the places you will not encounter any tourists. It is a pretty good time to go to Myanmar in general. The rain is not as intensive as i imagined, there are so little tourists around and the country has 50 shades of green. I marked one of my favourit temple in Bagan, good for sunrise and sunset. Was alone most of the time.

15 July 2017

The food of Myanmar is quite special. You order a normal curry and get all these other little tasty treats with it. Fantastic!
Made a daytrip to Mingun to use my last couple of hours here in Mandalay before taking the bus to Bagan. The boat to cross the river was 5k, takes about 45 min and the entrance to the sights was also 5k. All worth it. The white Hsimbyume Pago, the biggest pile of bricks in the world (seriously!) and a colossal bronze bell are the main attractions.

14 July 2017

_____________________WOW______________________ _________________150 followers!_________________ Thanks for joining our journi! You, my family and friends are the reason that keeps me posting. I hope that you find some inspiration in it for your next adventure! 😊 Keep moving.

13 July 2017

Mandalay by foot #2 The best way to go up the Mandalay Hill is to walk up about 1,700 steps (covered with a rooftop all the way) and pass through some gorgeous pagodas and monastaries, while enjoying the view of each side of mandalay and accompanied by dozens of "buddhist" dogs. It takes about 45 min, is 100% worth it and makes you enjoy the panoramic views on the very top even more.
Mandalay by foot Our path, by the way.
Mandalay by foot #1 Me and my swiss hostelfriend wanted to explore the city by foot, to finally end up at the famous Mandalay Hill for sunset. First we went trough the huge local Kai Tan market and had a stop at the Rainbow bar, apparently a place to gather for drinking whiskey or/and beer at 11 am. We past by the palace ditch, which is 2x2 km, and ended up seeing the Skinny Buddha, Shwe Nan Taw Monastary and Kuthodaw & Sandamuni Pagoda with the "biggest book in the world".

12 July 2017

Daytrip Part2 ...after lunch we went to pretty Jade Pagoda and waited for the sunset on and around the 1.2 km long U Brin Bridge, supposed to be the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world, with a dramatic scenery. Of course we had to stop about 6 times during the day, posing for locals. Still don't know why, but especially the young ladies get very excited! 😊
Daytrip Part1 Today I was lucky to share a taxi for the whole day with other 3 guys from the Downtown@Mandalay Hostel for 33k MMK. We made a tour outside the city and went to the Mahar Muni Pagoda, Sagaing Hill and had a wonderfull local lunch (1.5k per person)...

11 July 2017

So I waited 35 minutes for my passport today. Why? Cause I freaking left it on the plain to Bangkok. Gladly I realized it after I got my luggage and immediately ran to the next info corner. Probably fell down during my airplane nap. Well, always triple check your stuff!! But I made it to Mandalay and just had my 1st dinner at Shan Ma Ma. And I think I'm going to explode real soon... worth it though!
Off to Bangkok again and then to Mandalay/Myanmar.

9 July 2017

Don't bother doing the phi phi island tour. It is way to croweded! It is beautiful, 25 years ago. So we went to bamboo island phi phi don and phi phi leh, with the famous maya bay from the movie "The Beach". There was no Leonardo DiCaprio, so it's not worth it guys.

8 July 2017

A day by the pool. The Glur Hostel in Ao Nang is quiet and cosy. I am glad i switched places.

6 July 2017

For a 200 Baht return ticket on a longboat, one can get out of the boring coast of Ao Nang and enjoy the beaches and nature, with those gorgeous limestones, of Prah Nang, Railay and Tonsai. Rock climbing included :) Think I kinda nailed my first ever Yoga position!

4 July 2017

I spent my last days on the island with well planned beachcrawls all over the place, wonderfully tasty food, travelgramworthy drinks and the best hostel stay so far, at the Dearly Koh Tao Hostel. Island life at its best! 🏝 Now i'm discovering the east coast of Thailand, current stay: Ao Nang.

1 July 2017

DONE #2! We ended our advanced open water course with a deep dive, fish ID and a night dive with neon green glowing plancton! Some really great days.

30 June 2017

My dive instructor for the next 2 days doing the Advanced Open Water at Oceansound. Meeeow 👌

29 June 2017

Mango, orange, banana, passionfruit, the sea, a pool: 100% relaxation!

28 June 2017

Today was "Templebirthdaypraying" and Cliffjump Day. I bought the best flowers, made 4 rounds around the temple for buddah, the bible, monchs and Karin and wished you good luck, a healthy life and a wonderful birthday Karin!! 😙 Andreas from Germany can proof the cliffjump, the pictures can not. Have a great Day today, Magistra Karin!! Xxx

25 June 2017

Koh Nang Yuan. A tiny island north of Koh Tao with a wonderful beach and a magic viewpoint, even - or especially - during bad weather.

24 June 2017

An amazingly relaxing day at the freedom and chalok beach with a little hike to a viewpoint. A dog showed me how it's done. Sit and relax.

23 June 2017

Discovering the south of Koh Tao by foot. From the Hostel to the Chalok viewpoint and Chalok beach.
Made a little 45 min treck to the next accommodation, the gecko republic jungle hostel, which is really cosy. Though, the weather could be better.
Best roasted duck on the island at '995 Roasted Duck' and a fluffy cappuccino at 'New Heaven Café'. That's an open water divers breakfast.

22 June 2017

Prime time!
DONE! Officially certification as an OPEN WATER DIVER. Today we finish our course with watching a video of todays dive

19 June 2017

Cats rule the island One Fruit Shake Please. _Meow?_ Mango of course! _Meow moew moew._ Yeah, you too!
At the Big Blue Dive Resort at Koh Tao getting started with my Open Water Course. 3 days of theoretical and practical work and fun under water. First thing learned: the risks can only be reduced but never eliminated. Bring it on!

18 June 2017

The weirdest stone formation of the island. Meet Penis and Vagina, cleverly named as Grandpa and Grandma.
Since I am alone I have to deal with this s*** more often. Selfies! 😛 On the way to the middle and top of the island I found myself struggling with the perfectly maintained roads and infront of the closed supposedly best viewpoint.
Today is exploring the island day. Going from one viewpoint to the next until I'm ready for the beach 🏖

16 June 2017

Quick Update before I'm going to fill the gaps from the last days, caused by some disfunctions of my phone and followed by reseting to factory update (btw I have no numbers currently, backup wasn't working as expected) : I AM ALONE!!! 🙁 After my last japanese dinner in Bangkok I am flying to Koh Samui in a minute and see what's up there. Wish me luck! 😜

15 June 2017

My first lonely nights at sakura sky residence with future looks and medieval comfort.

12 June 2017

We are back in the Mango Juice Business and just realized that we really missed it. That are some tears of joy in the eyes. Yes, we are in Bangkok again and enjoy our last 2 days together in Sukhumvit at the Thee Bangkok Hotel with relaxation.

10 June 2017

Food&Art goes together quiet well in Georgetown/Penang. We tried it all, for better or for worse. Karin and Richard on a local food mission, staying in the Apollo Inn, which is in the middle of it all.
StreetArt of Gorgetown. A cultural heritage road. Way too much to choose from.

9 June 2017

We walked into a cat cafe. AGAIN. It was not on purpose, it was an excitent, i swear!

7 June 2017

The Two-Faced air conditioning remote control holder revealed....😮
The Street Art of Old Town Ipoh

6 June 2017

KL by Night
The Batu Cave outside of KL are easy and cheap to reach by the train and free to enter. It has a small Hindu temple located in the cave, the biggest statue of some Hindu Figure (??) and a group of monkeys (#4 for us).

5 June 2017

KL at Daytime
The KL Bird Park is the World's largest free-flying walk in aviary with over 200 different species (+ a view bats, rabbits, hamsters and fish apparently). The Bird Show with speaking and calculating parrots was pretty fun and the park is nice to pass a view hours.

4 June 2017

We are heading to Kuala Lumpur and thinking back to our favorite spots to eat and drink in Yogya. The Meditarranea Restaurant by Kamil and The Wanderlust Cafe. On the way to the Airport we see the Vulcano Merapi that we sadly have not been to. On the airport we found a very helpfull chart...

3 June 2017

... amazing is the right word here!
Today we had an adventure! We drove 2 h with the motorbike to get a limited place for a tour into the Goa Jomblang, a cave southeast of Yogya and in the middle of nowhere. The last kilometer or so of the road was incredibly bumpy, or in other words, the many bumps had very little road to offer. Anyway, to get to the cave we did some abseiling, about 60 meters down. After a short walk through pure darkness we got enlightened...

1 June 2017

Candi Sewu. A Buddhist temple just 800 meters north of Prambanan and to our delight with no tourists but us. Playtime!!!!
Candi Prambanan. The largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia with so many details to look for.

31 May 2017

Sumur Gumuling. A very special place and perfect for Black & White Pictures again.
Wanna see the most evil chicken on earth? Here it is!
Borobudur is one of the greatest Buddhist Monuments in the World with over 500 Buddha Statues and is a UNESCO site first build around the 9th century and rediscovered only in 1814. On the top the Buddahs are hidden inside many Stupas. Its a wonderful and calm place.
Today we woke up at 3:10 am to drive with the motorbike for 1,5 h to a foggy sunrise viewpoint of the Temple Borobudur, which we visited after that. Even thought the view wasn't that good, a giant chicken church called Bukit Rhema was worth the drive. Weirdest church we have ever seen. 🐓

30 May 2017

The general feeling for yogyakarta is: seen better, but also worse. But we've seen Hello Kitty Taxis and had our first Tour on a Rikscha. The Sultan Palace is, well, not so impressive.
The Taman Sari Water Castle in Yogy was a place to relax for the former Sultan and his family. It was build in the mid 18th century.

29 May 2017

After taking of only meter from the sea and flighing 1:30 h we landed in Yogya! Smart as we are we took the local bus to our hostel, Hati Hati which was only 0.50 € in total, 10 times less than a taxi. 🦊 Next goals: city tour, temple tour, volcano tour.
Waiting for our flight to Yogyakarta. Even the toilet floor is excited.

28 May 2017

We will try again to post new Journis more regularly and most of all up-to-date. So right now we are sitting in Koop Roaster & Cafe and are enjoying iced lemon (Sorbet!) Tea with a chickpea patty sandwich. And someone will be the owner of this wonderful postcard in a view days/weeks/months. I think that deserves to be our 101st moment on this Journi.

27 May 2017

DMZ Part3. We are out of pictures now. PROMISE.
Find the 3D Fail at DMZ Part2
Bad Weather? 3D Dream Museum Zone Bali! Ridiculousness as a time killer for 1 hour, or so. With a "Here comes Jonny!" Selfie.

26 May 2017

With a heavy heart we had to say goodbye to our 🦌 friends! We celebrated our last Dinner at The Dusty Cafe in Seminyak and looked back with joy at the last two weeks. Even the Cookie had to cry a bit. Thanks for joining our Adventure in Asia and filling it with even more pure DELIGHT!!

25 May 2017

Snorkling Tour to the Manta Bay, Crystal Bay and Mangrove Point. The sea was the roughest we ever put our snorkel in, making 3/4 of us unable to even think of going into the water again. 🤢😵. Even writing about it makes me sort of dizzy... But this unique creatures, the manta rays, were kinda worth it. Kinda.

24 May 2017

Today we made a little tour on the motorbikes to Nusa Ceningan and around, crossing a narrow yellow bridge, which is called The Yellow Bridge. We had a wonderfull brunch at a tiny cafe onthe road and saw the blue lagoon with a wonderful color, the secret beach where we had a rest on the pool, the dream beach and much much more.

23 May 2017

Mangrove Forest Boat Tour, because ... why not. 25 IDR each. Bagatelle.
The Devil's Tears on Nusa Lembongan. An amazing natural spectacle, which can also - if you don't care enough - make you amazingly wet!

22 May 2017

We are leaving Gili Trawangan and go to Nusa Lembongan, a way less touristy and more relaxing island!

21 May 2017

We made it to Gili Trawangan! First thing next day was snorkling on the turtle beach with probably the second most relaxed creature on earth, right after the sloth ('Faultier').

20 May 2017

A perfect day on Gili Trawangan. Biking, Cave desperate searching and sorbered finding, panoraming over the three Gili Islands and Lombock, swinging on the beach and watching horses running by the sunset.

19 May 2017

Dinner at the Pituq Cafe. For our surprise a vegan restaurant, but very good as well.

18 May 2017

What was supposed to be a short excursion to a night market to do some shopping turned out to be an adventure. It was us and only locals. So we got ourself some beer first and observed the situation: one medical selling THE eye healing solution, scorpions! Lots of clothes sold on the floor and some suspicious looking street food. At least we tried some desert which was actually pretty good. Well, after getting there with the taxi and not believing the advice of the driver, we were standing there without a lift. Trying to find a taxi on the way was impossible. So we ended up at a supermarket asking a cashier to get a ride from her husband, who apperantly is a taxi driver and made his first bussiness today. Lucky him! Lucky us!
Our highlight of Bali, the Mount Batur with 1717 meters in height. We woke up at 2 o'clock just to get up to the top to see the magical sunrise, accompanied by a stream of flashlights from other tourists and a mountain dog, whome i wrongly confused with a polar bear in the first second. The vulcano is also inhabited by a friendly group of monkeys. Entry fee: 2 bananas! What a rip off...

17 May 2017

LAST Stop: Monkey Forest of Ubud. Sooo cute!
Second Stop: Luwak Coffee 'Plantation' or Display. Third Stop: The legendary Teganungan Waterfall.
A busy day around Ubud. First stop: traditionel Bali Theater

16 May 2017

Let's wrap it up real quick. The food in Bali is delicious! For Seminyak we can recommend Bo & Bun, Taco Beach grill and the Corner House. The more relaxed town Ubud offers a tiny but scrumptious menu in The Melting Wok Warung. The Fair Warung Bale uses its income for local medical service. Go eat and help yourself and others!
Before driving to Ubud from Seminyak we visited the Thana Lot Temple, sitting on an island off the shore. Be sure to come at low tide. Somehow we realized that we are famous in Asia. Photo request from groupies: number 7!

15 May 2017

Look who we found at Ibis Bali Legian Street Hotel! Our 'deer' friends from Austria (no, not Australia!). So the next two weeks our lonesome travel adventure gets some additional bonus of familiarity.

12 May 2017

First off all, we are all well off! We were just a little too lazy and busy at the same time to add new journis. Apologies 🤗. But the following were our reasons. 1st - we had a flight to Bali!!

10 May 2017

If in Hanoi try "The Hanoi Social Club". They have great food and drinks, a good atmosphere and a cute western housecat.

8 May 2017

... the homestay was great and we had good fun. The food was wonderful, the card games intense and the happy water (rice vodka) plentyfully.
... on the way we found some indigo deying leaves and had to test the effect...
2 Days 1 Night Trekk in Sapa with Pang from the "Sapa Sisters" as our friendly and very informative guide. On the way we seen lots of rice terraces of the Muong Hoa Valley, some impossibly steep corn fields, buffaloes blocking our way and, of course, some chicken matrix moves...

5 May 2017

Surprise Cave of Halong Bay with about 10,000 square meters. Some stone formations look like humans, animals or dragons. Some look like a gun firing a hole in the cave, or whatever your imagination tells you.

4 May 2017

One night at the Glory Legend Halong Cruise with kajaking through the Hang Luon Cave, climbing up the Ti Top Island with a breathtaking view over the limestone scenery, exploring the Surprise Cave, squidfishing and spring roll cooking class.

3 May 2017

LIVE NOW: Perfect pic for the current political discussions in Austria (ÖVP folder). We are relaxing in the Cong Caphe in Hanoi with a (great) view to the lake. Our journis from the last days will be added soon, this had first priority :)

1 May 2017

Ninh Binh Mountain View from the peak of Hang Mua. WOW!
Ninh Binh Boat view at the Tam Coc (3 Caves) River for 2 hours. Absolutely worth it. But beware of the sun

30 April 2017

The Imperial City of the Nguyen Dynasty in Hue until 1945. An UNESCO site that is mostly and still restored after the bombing of 1968. Some beautiful sceneries catched in pictures and a prehistoric giant chicken that apperantly rules the city after the dynasty.

28 April 2017

Don't miss Jacks Cat Cafe in Hoi An! For 100 k you get a free drink and entrance to Cat Heaven. They provide shelter for Cats found around the Town close to death and protecting them also from the meat trade. At the End I put a "Find the cat" Picture for your amusement.
Biking Tour to the Beach close to Hoi An.

27 April 2017

HOI AN at Night. The streets are full of colorfull shining laterns, famous for this place. Some glowing sculptures are to find along the river. It's a magical flare.
Hoi An. So far the most beautiful Town we have been to. After the Nightbus from Nha Trang we got our usual coffee and tea combo at 6 am. The main attraction is the Ancient Town and UNESCO Wold Heritage Site. You have to pay 120.000 VND to get inside and to see 5 old houses, museums or temples. The architectures are a mix of vietnamese, chinese, japanese and french buildings with lovely details all over the place.

26 April 2017

Vinpearl park on an island close to Nha Trang, Vietnams uncompleted "Disneyland". Of course you get there with a Cable Car. Yes, it's probably the least cultural thing you can do in VN, but we actually had a fun day...well, mostly. 4D cinema for kids, creapy mermaid show, exciting water slides, some good roller coasterd and we found Nemo(s).

24 April 2017

Tour through Dalat: Lam Vien Square, XQ Art House with some beautiful and impressive hand stiched pictures, Railway Station and the freaky crazy house, one of the 10 weirdest houses in the world.

23 April 2017

... we found some shelter by the road and have been offered two seats at a local hairdresser after bribing her kid with a peace of cake. We continued about one hour later with less cats and dogs from the sky. Wet until the panties, we surely deserved some coffee and tea and soon decided to give a waterfall one last shot. The Elephant Falls. No tourists, no attractions around, just a great waterfall at a rainy day and no regrets.
Our second motorbike tour of the journi started with a sunny morning in Dalat. We decided to see some of the major waterfalls around the town. First we went to the Datanla Falls. To go down we bought a ticket for the roller coaster, just to realize that the vietnamese kind of exaggerate their marketing of waterfalls. Also at the other site, the Prenn Falls. Their already tiny apperance is narrowed by large parks, roller coasters, canyoning offers, a cable car, a zoo, horse riding, bull riding, elephant riding, camel riding and ostrich riding. Yop... So we drove on ... and than came the rain...

22 April 2017

We just arrived (at 4:30 am) in the sleepy town, Dalat after our first 7 hour nightbus experience, and what a beautiful town it is. Lots of flowers, colorful little houses and a huge food market from the morning until it turned to a clothes, snacks and craft market in the evening. Vietnamese people don't seem to get any sleep at all. Always on their feet. We are big fans of the coffee in vietnam, a slowly dripping essence, where you get a little tea on the side. Great value!

21 April 2017

The hungry pig eats yummy pig at The Hungry Pig. Nomnom
"GÖNNUNG" in the shopping malls of HCMC. Viscom and Saigon Center. VISCOM is the biggest Mall in HCMC with 250 shops. The gaming arcade even have bumper cars/autodrome... After some yummy maki rolls we had time to watch a movie..a shitty movie, but who cares. Nice surprise: we also found Austrian wine!
The Bakeries of Ho Chi Minh City

20 April 2017

Rooftopbar at the Ben Thahn Tower with a great view of HCMC
The Independence or Reunification Palace, the site of the of the Vietnam War in 1975, is worth a visit to see some communistic arquitecture.

19 April 2017

Today at the Cu Chi Tunnels, where the army of General Ho Chi Minh, 40.000 people, lived and fought against southvietnam and the US Army for 15 years. We learned about their nasty traps, how they recycled US bombs, cooked and walked without beeing seen and how north Vietnam finally won the Vietnamese war.

18 April 2017

GOOOD Mooorning VIETNAM!!! We crossed the very offical border to Vietnam and made our way to Ho Chi Minh City..and we absolutely love the vibes of this town that has more motorbikes than people on the pavement. It has everything from simple markets to huge fancy shoppingmalls with rooftopbars open until the early morning. We will see more of that in a while..

17 April 2017

Our last stop in Cambodia was Phnom Phen. After seeimg the heardbreaking killingfields and the S-21 prison we decided to rest our souls at a shopping center. An more or less empty Shopping Center with 1-2 shops and restaurants per floor and lots of empty space, and Tomatoe sauce. We wondered around the capital of Cambodia a bit more to see the central market and the riverfront and couldn't wait to get something fresh and exciting for our tired eyes. Next stop: VIETNAM
Asian Kitlers List To be continued

15 April 2017

Another night on an island. Koh Tunsai, or the Rabbit Island. Nothing special really. Just full of Chicken, Dogs and Cats, big and small. And Mosquitos in our Bungalow and on our Bodies thanks to many holes in the net. Plus some cockroaches. Another sleepless night on an island.

14 April 2017

Today we had a very relaxing and informative day in Kampot, the region of Pepper, Salt and Durian. It started with a round of free Minigolf. Than we had a tucktuck tour to a seesalt farm, a pepper farm "La Plantation" and had some fresh pressed sugar cane juice. The Pepper of Kampot has by the way Protected Geographical Indication from the EU (PGI).

13 April 2017

The usual car against cow against dog

12 April 2017

Every coin has two sides. So does Shakaluli...uhm..schnackuvill...ach..Sihanoukville! Yes, that one.
Side remark from Richard: It's hot here. My arm looks like a freaking Beer commercial! 🏜

9 April 2017

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Staying at Kactus in Koh Ta Kiev for two nights. Great food, cute Bungalow, bucket shower, annoying wouuhouuu girls as stuff, loud germans over our bungalow until 3 am. and sad plastic beach. Hmmm

7 April 2017

In Memorie of the Genocide of Cambodia, when 1.5 - 3 Million men, women and children got killed, slaughtered by the Khmer Rouge in over 20,000 mass graves like this "Killing cave" of Phom Sampeau between 1975 and 1979. Over a milllion of bats fly out a nearby cave everyday at dusk, looking like the souls of the victims that were thrown into cave, yearning for justice, which never came. We will learn more about this dragic history in Phnom Phen.
The Bamboo Trains, also called Norries, are used around Battambang to carry people and loads to nearby villages and fields. Also bulls are carried on the tiny Trains. There is just one Line, so you have to move if you meet with another train. We traveled with Business-Class, obviously.
After Siem Reap we were heading to Battambang with our new Stray Group. We went to the hostle to meet all the new faces. Surprise, surprise! Just two new faces. The Tourguide Dollar and the Driver. So it was them and the King and the Queen (as he named us) in an 8 seat minivan going for new adventure. After a long drive we got some tasty snacks: sticky bamboo ricecake, salty roasted bugs and bbq rats. In the evening we had some weird grilled eggs. They empty the eggs with a sick, mix the whole egg with some soup and spices, put everything back together and grill the thing. The Dog wasn't as much impressed by the eggs as by my petting.
Hello again! After a long Journi Break, let us start with some best of funny SE-ASIA. We do hope to find more to add here.

6 April 2017

#Gönnung in Siem Reap #Indulgement The Missing Socks Laundry Cafe Footprint Cafe Khmer Kitchen Restaurante The Flock Cafe Il Forno Hotel Somadevi Pool A different Khmer Restaurant Free Fish Footmassage by the Owl Inn Old-Market Fruits

4 April 2017

TEMPLE Tour (Angkor Wat, Kravan Temple, Srah Srang Lake, Banteay Kdei, Ta Phrom, Victory gate Wat Bayon, elephant terrace, Wt Baphoun, etc.) ends with buying fresh palmfruit seeds close by ankor wat after a little girl offered us, in perfect english, to taste one. Obviously they had a deal with a monkey who begged for a bite. At least he thanked us by kissing my hand. We got a last view from the top of Tad Prohm and drove to the hotel with exhaustion.
Temple Tour PART 2
Temple Tour from 4:30 until 16:30 in Angkor, former Capital of the Khmer Kingdom from around the 9th until the 15th century. Go watch a Documentary for further details. To trumpify it: it's HUGE, believe me, I've been there, totally amazing!

1 April 2017

It was supposed to be a nice day on the bike, driving from Don Det, one of the 4000 islands on the Mekong in the south of Lao, until Don Kohn to see the amazing waterfalls and spend the afternoon on the beach, while suddenly, out of the blue (well, we could have quessed it) it was raining cats and dogs. One of those cats we found in a construction site. So us 3 and a chicken waited for 1 hour in the shelter. Unfortunately the rain did not stop and so we drove home in the dusk passing a dozen water buffaloes stomping in the nearby rice fields and lanes that were filled with the fresh rain. Finally we made it home, spoiling us with a hot shower.

31 March 2017

A rainy day at the Tad Yuang Waterfall close to Pakse with Richard photoshopped into the picture. A Classic!

30 March 2017

Delicious shared DIY BBQ. Slowly but steady the grilled meat, liver and seefood couples with the soup full of fresh herbs, salat and mushrooms and a splash of fish sauce, lime and some chilli completes the dish, soley for the satisfaction of every single taste bud. Nomnom.
Turtle feeding with sticky rice on a stick and extreme monkey banana feeding orgy. Good job!

29 March 2017

Some Pictures of Laotian Agricultural Practices

28 March 2017

The Kong Lor Cave. 7,5 km long, 90 meters at its broadest and up to 100 meters high. A fascinating boat trip through an enormous creation of nature.

26 March 2017

Vientiane. The Capital of Laos (or the St.Pölten of Lower Austria). Not too much to do there. BUT if you have not seen the Victory Gate and Pah That Luang, you've not seen Vientiane. The Gate, sponsored by the USA with 40 Million Dollars, was actually supposed to be an Airport. Sneaky Laotians 😮. Even more curious are the 30 Kg pure Gold on top of the Temple, which is also the symbol of Laos and on every piece of money. Sleeping Buddha Count: 3

25 March 2017

Vang Vieng. A Town that has lost it's charme by the kind of tourists that are beeing breeded here like chicken. Crowing and clucking, not in the search of the next corn, but the next free shot of vodka, not breathing air but laughing gas for the further kick and accompanied by the popping sound of US music and Korean Karaoke which fill the slowly floating river during daytime and the glowing streets at night. A culture buried under piles of Sandwitches, Burgers, French Fries and Pizza Margaritas with Thai Basil. Still, the River Tubing was relaxing 😁

24 March 2017

At the Kuang Si Waterfalls. Stunning nature! Swimming, water slinging, failed balancing on a tree by trying to get free beer, cave exploring and watching rescued Moonbears beeing lazy. Great full day program.

22 March 2017

...finally we got the blessing of the whole village. We had to drink some homemade rice-vodka, eat banana and ricepudding, after we got about 40 cotton bracelets one by one, from every member of the village, each giving us good luck and wishing us a long and healthy life. After feeling like we just got married we went to the river, made some fire and drank some more Whiskey and Vodka. WOW
...after that we got some local food and went down to the river to be a living trampolin for the kids and enjoy the beautiful sunset..
We came to the small homestay village, got some sweet rice and bananas and went to their school to interact and play football with the kids...
We made a 2 days tour down the Mekong River from the northern Thai boarder until Luang Prabang with an incredible homestay at the village Ban Pakngeuy. Great Experience!

21 March 2017

Finally arrived in Lao with our new travel group, where we had some cultural lessons behind a great sunset followed by some local food (Koi gai with sticky rice) with mint and lemon, paired with some local Beer. BEARABLE
Wat Rong Kuhn, the arty Temple of Chiang Rai where you can witness hell and heaven in one place. Even the Terminator is hanging in the tree. Still pondering about it...

20 March 2017

Best reward for today: Dinner with our friend Suphat and his family. Soo good! ขอบคุณมาก!!
Todays trekking from the university of Chiang Mai to the hidden temple Wat Pha Lat that lies quietly in the middle of the jungle, until the golden shining Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, was in many ways breathtaking. 37 °C and about 750 meter altitude to overcome.

19 March 2017

The Sunday Nightmarket in the center of Chiang Mai is huge. At about 1.6 km lenght and estimated 2,000 market stands you can get everything from delicious street food to handcraft items, art and the newest fashion. There was even 1 exhibitor selling some really good shit. See for yourself!

18 March 2017

Jungle Trekking with a sweet smell of maracuja in the air from those wild flowers. No rice in the hot season but many burned fields. However the baths in the waterfalls were there to cool down our feet. We even got some lunch from our cheerful guide. His name is literally "Say Wat".

17 March 2017

Timeout by the Guesthouse
HIPSTAR morning with a wonderfull Chicken-Cappuccino in Chiang Mai. The beans are from the Chiang Rai Province and roasted directly in the shop of Akah Ama Cafe.

16 March 2017

👍Tumbs up for the great fruit shakes in Chiang Mai. TSC (Total Shake Count): 9-14? Actually we lost Track of it.

15 March 2017

TRAIN to Chiang Mai. IMAGINE trying to fall asleep on a 14 hour rollercoaster ride through the jungle with sudden flashes of burned fields under your nose. Between backpackers this is the comfy way to travel. 🤔
The Golden Mount. For you in Black&White. Definitely worth the 20 THB and 360ish steps up for a wonderful view!
Old Town Cafe Bangkok: chilling coffee creations with relaxing jazz in the background sipped up, with some homemade bread&butter and Croissant on the side. Are we still in Bangkok??

14 March 2017

River and Canals Tour. Good to get some fresh air for 1 hour. 🌬
TOM YUM GOONG from the Street Food Master. A sour spicy soup with galangal, lime leaves, lemongrass,... and some incredibly tasty shrimps. YUM YUM

13 March 2017

BY THE WAY. Apparently, toilette paper has to be as thin as an apple strudle. Fact!
Daytrip to Ayutthaya. 3 big Chedis for the Kings and 1 to up to 50 smaller Pogodas for their Queens at Wat Phra Si Sanphet and Wat Maha That. This original Temples where an example of many others in and around Thailand, e.g. the Grand Palace of Bangkok. Starting in 1351 and until the 18th Century, it was the capital of the Siamese Kingdom. IMPRESSIVE!

12 March 2017

Perfect ending with street Pad Thai
Well deserved lunch after the great temple sweat
Temples Temples Temples. The Grand Palace of Bangkok, residence of the former Kings, is nothing short of Impressive. Gold and glitter everywhere, beautiful rooftops, some elephants and chicken soldiers. PLUS a miniature version of what awaits for us in Cambodia.

11 March 2017

Fish&ThaiBasil and Chicken&LimeLeaves. Spicy AF! Greetings to ThomasAlexNorman. We watched his Travel YoutubeVideos before leaving. YOU should check them out! Finished with a cool Chang and Singha beer. BANGKOK at night is so much better!
TUK TUK. The best way to get around in Bangkok. 40 THB for a roundtrip with 5 stops thanks to a local english teacher we met on the street. JUST don't let him bring you to a clothing factory. And if so, don't let him bring you to a second one... or the Tourist Office. Still, all in all a good trip.

10 March 2017

Angekommen im Sleep Tight Hostel mit einer traditionellen Touriabzocke mit dem Taxi wie im Bilderbuch. Bye bye 1300 THB... Ein kleines Bier und Pad Thai machen alles wieder gut.

9 March 2017

Liebe Familie, liebe Freunde! Nur mehr ein paar bürokratische Notwendigkeiten, wenige Stunden intensive Langeweile und ein kleines Stück der Welt liegen zwischen uns und unserem großen, aber unvorhersehbaren Abenteuer. Was auf uns wartet ist unklar. Klar ist nur, dass es unvergesslich und legen...wartet...där wird! Um euch, meine Lieben, einen Einblick in unser Geschehen zu ermöglichen, haben wir diesen Reiseblog gestartet und hoffen somit, dass auch ihr, wenn auch nur von weiter Ferne, an unseren Freuden teilnehmen könnt! Also schaut vorbei und lasst euch bezaubern. Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn. Bald sind wir für längere Zeit dahin. FIRST STOP: BANGKOK!! Ganz liebe Grüße! Karin&Richard

7 March 2017

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