Europe, North America · 11 Days · 14 Moments · June 2015

American Back Packaging

12 June 2015

Frisbee, history and a little bit of foreign patriotism for the third day in DC
Second day in DC: good museums and some jazzzzzz in the garden

11 June 2015

First day in Washington DC and directly headed in a Museum with the hope to find some lockers.. But the Air and Space museum has everything but lockers! So good day of culture and working out for the shoulders

10 June 2015

Some walking around Philly! Eastern Penitentiary and so on

9 June 2015

Philly the city of the second chance! And of the museums.

8 June 2015

Second part of the last day in NYC
Half last day in NYC

7 June 2015

American life becomes real
Easy life in Calabro's family

6 June 2015

Fourth day: Garden City and John beach. Thanks Carl!

4 June 2015

Second and third days: museums time

3 June 2015

First half day in NYC

2 June 2015

One night in Milan than...difficult morning! Heading for Linate Airport
Here we are, ready for the trip! Big start in Venice, heading for Milan