South Africa · 28 Days · 57 Moments · February 2019

South Africa 2019

1 March 2019

3 of the 4 trails were closed because of the fire damage, so I did part of the trail by the river Palmiet. There is no signal up here, so this has given me plenty of opportunity to catch up on my pics, and get this Journi blog together in the evenings, as well as enjoying reading in this peaceful place. Lovely! Tomorrow onto Roosboom for a month, I am looking forward to being there and seeing everyone again 😊😊 ... and to be able to unpack my cases, and stop being a bag lady πŸ˜‰...
During a walk ... some of the flora of this area. The river is the Palmiet.

28 February 2019

The scenery is quite stunning, wherever you look and the weather is very changeable: within 1/2 a day you can have sun, rain, wind and cloud ... but it stays pleasantly warm ... You can see the damage done by the recent fires in January this year, when the fire apparently came over the Kogelberg from Betty's Bay on the other side, where it burnt down many houses .... Nature luckily is more resilient than man made structures, and will regenerate ... The accommodations are protected by a fire course, and it worked very well it seems if you look at the Conservation Managers house ...
The cabins are built from wood, and the walls made of stones in wire mesh. Toilet is a compost one, with an integrated fan so it does not smell at all! Instead of pulling a chain, you add a little dry compost from the little bucket provided! Don't look down the toilet though ... 🀒

27 February 2019

Very comfortable and well equipped, with amazing views everywhere
The Ecocabins at Oudebosch in the Kogelberg Nature reserve.
@17 Whalerock Gardens

25 February 2019

Lunch at Equinoxe, as close to being on the beach as you can! Did not do much in Plett other than eating ... and swimming in the pool ...

24 February 2019

An old favourite in Plett, The Lookout

23 February 2019

Made me think of Isla and Phoebe ... and all the wonderful experiences that lie ahead for them ...
Very nice home for a few days in Whalerock Gardens in Plett
Still the Meirings Poort , here too an impressive display of the forces of nature shaping all these rock formations ...
Driving through the Meirings Poort from Prince Albert to Plett ... These are stills taken from the phone video as I was driving ... hence the chunk of the holder ... could not get rid of 😑!

21 February 2019

The dustbins in Prince Albert: rudimentary but all of them decorated!
Lunch at the Lazy Lizard
I drove a little up the Swartberg pass, but in spite of my sturdy RAV4 did not get very far ... Having been driven over it twice before, I know how scary it can be ... 😬🀯 ... I stopped at Eerste Water to take a few pics. I always stand here and wonder at the geological forces and events that shaped this part of the world, pushing some layers up, others across, and others yet in a circular movement ... how did that all happen πŸ€”?

20 February 2019

Prince Albert boasts quite a few art galleries and I always enjoy snooping around. Of particular interest this year was the artist John Kramer, who I discovered from friends, and who paints many Karoo scenes ...
A study of the distressed look in my shed ... Makes for great pics ...
It prompted me to create a new word: rustyc ... a cross between rustic and rusty, although I know some who would just call it tat ... It had character and charm ... just lacking a good comfy seating arrangement: a foam matras on a concrete bench and a saggy fauteuil did not do it for me, authentic as they may be ... (Am I getting old I wonder πŸ€”?) I am glad I stayed there though ... it was an experience, but 2 nights would have been enough ...
In PA I stayed in the Old Milking Shed ... very typical Karoo accommodation, sleeping with the cows πŸ˜‰ Luckily they had all left, and the shed had had a bit of a makeover ... It had plenty of character, but lacked real comfort ...

18 February 2019

A trip on the Breede Rivier at Viljoensdrift in Robertson
My little house at Montagu 4 Seasons ... so very charming AND comfortable ...

17 February 2019

You know you're in the Karoo when ...
However this poor beastie's mane kept tripping me up ...

16 February 2019

Wine tasting at Springfield Estate ...πŸ˜‹
The Breede Rivier

15 February 2019

Montagu 4 Seasons
Stopped off for lunch in Nuy on the drive from Citrusdal to Montagu

13 February 2019

The Cederberg is the only place in the world where rooibos grows. Why the only place? A combination I am told of climate, soil etc ... So it was de rigueur that I should visit Carmien, a rooibos farm. The tea starts life a a green bush, and the 'needles' are stripped from the branches. The needles are then sprayed with water which starts fermentation, at which point they turn red. They are spread out in fields and left to dry in the sun, which takes about 14 hours, after which they are then sorted and graded in silos. Most of the tea is exported to Europe and Japan in bulk, and it is then packaged locally under other brand names ... so we don't actually find Carmien tea in the shops. Nor do we find chocolate or moccha rooibos ...

12 February 2019

Starry Nights, a very pretty spot to stay in ... there were many times when the pool was a lifesaver ... 42C is a bit hot ...
Loved the day and the scenery, but after a 120km roundtrip on dirtroads I was pretty tired and hot ...
And so I stopped at the Cederberg winery, tasted some wines and ate my sandwich before continuing on my way ... 😊
Phew ... after going back over the pass I was back in relatively normal dirtroad territory! Did not seem so bad second time round, so maybe I could have had lunch after all ...
This is in Kromrivier, where I had planned to have lunch. But in order to get there, I had to (unbeknown to me beforehand) go over a nasty, rocky, narrow and quite scary little pass. So by the time I got there, I had lost my appetite and decided to head straight back over the pass before I lost my nerve too. So I bought a sandwich which I ate later ...
My hostess had advised me when I booked, to rent a car with higher clearance for the dirtroads and I was very glad of the advice, as it was in parts, very rough ... And here too, vineyards!
Interesting rock formations
The reason for staying there was to go into the Cederberg to view the spectacular scenery

11 February 2019

Starry Nights in Citrusdal ... here too hot hot hot
Lots of artwork at the winery itself

9 February 2019

Very welcome cool off at 38C ...
The view from my terrace onto the Saronsberg

8 February 2019

My comfy cottage at Saronsberg winery in Tulbagh. It was hot hot hot there!

7 February 2019

And good night Strand !
Vergelegen, an old favourite, for lunch at Stables with Nel and Hans. And ok, I'm not very good at selfies, but this is the only one of us 3 during the week ...
Good morning Strand @The Strand Pavillion

6 February 2019

Mullineux gardens so beautifully manicured, and some interesting artwork ... had to get really close to see if the woman was breathing 🀨
Mullineux winery ... my 'house' wine ... well, the affordable one on the pricelist that is ... πŸ˜‰ But all of them super delicious ... And Winery of the Year 2019 in Platters!

5 February 2019

Mulderbosch .... the best rosΓ© in the πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰world ... and the BIGGEST pizzas I reckon ... soo yummy!

4 February 2019

Back to normal the following day, with blue skies and sunshine ... lunch at Lourensford ...

3 February 2019

Nel & Hans picked me up at the hotel, and it was raining .... ah well, the locals were happy and it got it out of the way for the rest of the week! Kleine Salze looks weird when seen so wet from the inside. But we had a good table, a delicious lunch and wines, and a good time πŸ₯‚

2 February 2019

Time to go 😊😎🌞