United Kingdom · 68 Days · 4 Moments · May 2017

riatiana's journi to United Kingdom

23 July 2017

775 Rooms with Lavish Tea Event or dinner coming soon

20 June 2017

My coffee Places

23 May 2017

Alhamdulilah coffeee time , Costa everywhere , am so happy they serve the single origin sumatra cofee , amazing . But my real favorite coffee place is nearby thames river . It has great toraja choice and the owner kindly give me the BEANS # Alhamdulilah . Java Java Bajaj coffee is another big achievement of morning time coffee at Leather Market . o Allah , i can't thank enough , but thank you .

17 May 2017

All airports , from Cengkareng Jkt , Sing finnaly reach Heathrow London . i feel really Good , 16hour traveling with SIA feels like 2 Hour only . No particular plan , just enjoy the journey . A warmest welcome from british Muslim directly touch my heart , and the disable car make me feel like a Star . Indeed In difficulties come ease . VIP Disable double up my happiness . Thank you Allah Hardly wait , all done easy and we go directly to Black Cab . A very popular cab that offers us kind hospitality . Raddison Blue Hotel awaits , plan to rest for a night , a choice of popular Fish and Chip served , extrodinary big and delicious . Indeed Fabiayyi ‘aalaa’i Rabbikumaa Tukadzdzibaan” Jetlag or mussle pain is not exsist , in fact the passion of the Lover and the Coolness of the eyes , with a full energy to embrace nu experience totally merge in this city . london , the breeze and the greeen I am ready to cruize you To feel and touch your beauty , With my own eyes off the Screen