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17 September 2017

I threw my FB and Messenger in the garbage. My heart feels alone and bruised. I know God will see me through this hard place.

3 May 2017

2 May 2017

We got satellite tv and the flame behind us was fixed and lit.

29 April 2017

My parents came Friday and visited us for a few days. It was in the 100's outside and we had fans in the RV cause the back AC doesn't work. We sat around and visited. David took Dad out to the new frac pond. They are going up to Austin to see Tami and Mike and kids Sunday

28 April 2017

My parents came to see where we work. They hung out for a few days. Our RV is small but we ate dinner together and visited.
Friday's are my run day. I get up at 5:30am. Work the gate till noonish - when David gets up. I strip the bed and remake it. Load laundry and empty water bottles into the car. In town I check the mail, fill water bottles up, do laundry , and grocery shop. I also am going to purchase some space saving items so I can clean and organize more cupboards and closets this week. Today I have to meet the Fed Ex guy at the post office- cause we don't have a physical address. He is delivering our satellite dish and receiver box. Àlso my parents are coming today - I will meet them in Dilley at their motel and hopefully bring them out to the RV. And make some dinner and visit with them. The gate is very slow right now- the calm before the storm. Once they start bringing equipment and setting up, it will be all around the clock trucks. So we are enjoying the quiet times. Have a great Day!

27 April 2017

21 April 2017

I went to town and got my nails done. I love the color and how they look. After being gone for 5 hrs - grocery shopping, laundry, checking the mail and my nails, I came home to 200 entries that needed imputed into the tablet. I made taco's for dinner and went to bed around 11 pm.
Today I go to town- after David gets up. I am getting my nails done, washing a weeks worth of laundry, checking the mail, filling up our gallon water bottles (20) for drinking and doing my food shopping. Then home and put things away - this took me 4 1/2 hrs last time - so add a hour more for getting my nails done. Here at the gate - we are expecting lots of rock trucks as they are building a road. The last three days were crazy busy. Last night David had off - no trucks after 10 pm. But I have already had 5 before 7 am.

20 April 2017

These are some of the equipment they have been moving the last three days. The weather has been hot and the trucks have been rolling steady.
Some more pictures of equipment the moved

19 April 2017

We named our road runner "Blue" and there is another one but she is shy we named her "Rose". We have a fan in our tent to help keep us cool

16 April 2017

David is growing hair on his face. Don't know what you would call it - maybe a gottee Anyway I am feeling better and able to walk without the cane. Everyday I change my white board David had no action last night and he sat in the house and watched for trucks. He got to sleep some too!

13 April 2017

So yesterday I was walking to the rv and I slipped and fell cut up my arm and pulled a groin muscle. Boy it hurt. So today I read up about groin injury and it said to wrap the muscle. I was using a cane this morning and it hurt to put pressure on my leg. But after I wrapped it I can walk with no cane. It will take up to 4 weeks to be totally ok - but I am ok with that cause I didn't hurt my hip. We have been busy here about 80+ trucks a day. When I fell I broke the work tablet screen too. The boss lady came out today to help me with the tablet- it wouldn't let me enter info. She fixed it. She brought us brownies too. The industry picture is my back yard I have been writing sayings on my white board to be an encouragement to the people entering our gate. This one is day two
This is a wolf spider that was climbing up the Outside of my tent. I sprayed my farm spray on it and killed it. The white board saying - day one

11 April 2017

I am going to be wearing my hair like this from now on. No tangles and it's off my neck and my hat fits. It's a nice morning. I have had some interesting talks with some of the crew here. Like put a D.C. Current on a snake bite and ice it till you get to hospital - the guy said that saved his finger. Or another guy saw a large black animal run across the road - just about 300 ft in front of my gate. He said it was a panther. So I looked it up and there is a big issue in Texas of what this animal is. Another fellow said Texas is going to put rattle snakes on the endangered species list so you can't kill them. Oh man! Another fellow showed me some pictures of Rattle snakes that he has seen and killed. These things are like boa constrictors - they are HUGE! The guy who brings us water said the vibrations of the generator keeps the snakes away-- and yet another guys says it calls them to it.... I am not trusting either and will keep my eyes open wide!

9 April 2017

It's overcast today, it's trying to rain - right now it's a heavy mist. Yesterday we had like 23 rigs coming in or out of our gate. This morning we are already at 14. We spend our time outside. The days run together - I have to look at my phone to see what day of the week it is. David weed eated a place for the dogs to go potty along the fence. It will also keep snakes and ticks at bay. David replanted a cactus and one of the neighbors decided to check it out. I watched a dung beetle push a dung around and then tried to bury himself and it. I thought it would be nice to let everyone know who we are. So I used my white board to say hi. I don't think we need TV - we are not in the RV. We even eat dinner outside. We will get our satellite dish though in case we figure out how to watch tv and the gate.

6 April 2017

We decided yesterday to move the tent by the rv so we could have electric plug ins. So we can tuna fans and charge devices. We have had some interesting bugs for sure. So I am going to post some of them. I have a road runner who hangs around - some cows, coyote, and a variety of birds too

5 April 2017

These are our new uniforms for our job. We moved the RV into a temporary spot on Wed and the gate guards showed us the ropes. We went grocery shopping and washed laundry - resess threw up for two days in the Car on the blankets and dog beds. David worked the night shift and I got up at 5 am and let him giro Rd at 5:30am. Our boss came at 7:45am and I wokeDavid up so we could move RV to permeant spot and then more guys came to set up generator, water and sewer hook ups. The day went well - we had 3 pages of entries - I got lots of practice inputting them into iPad. Next day was crazy but night was slow. This morning I had 7 trucks at one. Time. Within about 15 min.

4 April 2017

Here we go I-35 towards Waco. I have to say I am scared- excited - and Praying God will be with us. We have a ways to go. First stop is Home Depoe to buy a small freezer and a ladder.

3 April 2017

Well it's been a productive day. Said good bye to Tamarah and Mike. Got David's prescriptions filled. Got our finger prints done. Then we played WAIT, while our RV got finished. We sat at the rest area for about 2 hours. It's now 10:15 pm and we are still waiting to get it all finished. But it is coming along.

30 March 2017

We are staying in a hotel that Ruth and Mark got us with their points. We are so thankful. We have gone down to the gate site and visited with the gatekeepers. We have been out to the office to get refund for fire retardant overalls. We have been all over San Antonio looking for the supplies we will need. Got everything except our motion detectors - which I think David will order them on line. Our RV was suppose to be done and moved yesterday - but it's still at the shop. Hopefully today. It should run nice. Next is the ceiling in the bedroom being replaced. And checking on our ice maker and hot water heater - to make sure they work. And our generator too! We have a plan to leave for Dilly on the 4 th so we can observe on the 5 th and start work on the 6 th.

26 March 2017

Moved our RV to lower spot and started smelling smoke after plugged in. So started unplugging. We think the 50 amp isn't a 50 amp. So now David has the generator going. There is a storm coming in.

23 March 2017

We had a new window frame put on our door and new key locks put on our cargo doors yesterday. The mechanic also checked our water pumper, heater and 12 volt regulator. All worked- but David wants the 12 volt regulator and fuse box replaced. I worked yesterday from 9-12 noon and 3-6 pm. The park hasn't had water for two days- a main pipe broke. Today it's going to rain a little then be back to sunshine

22 March 2017

We are going to Dilley Texas now for the gate job. The job starts April 6. It's at a big ranch where there are cows and deer raised.

20 March 2017

We applied for the job for a gate guard... we are all signed up. Got to get RV tuned up and steel toed shoes bought. Job starts April 2. We need to be there a day before. Here we go
We stopped at the rest area. On our way to Boerne Texas. To check out an oil gate attendant job

17 March 2017

Well this is my second 5 hr day at the front desk as camp host. I enjoy visiting weird people and am slowly learning their system. This isn't a paid position - but we get to camp for free - so it's a fair trade.

10 March 2017

My shower bath was great. I didn't run out of hot water. And living in Texas it's not cold getting out of the shower.
I vacuumed then shampooed the RV carpet. It looks and smells good. David is working on fixing some of our cabinet doors. If your wondering how old our RV is .... 1985. It's a Holiday Rambler Proto type. There were 6 made 4 with gas engines and two with diesel. They ended up building a diesel one in 1993- which is the ones you see on the road. You can't look up our value cause of the proto type. We were looking at new used RVs a while back and found a 1993 one- it looked inside an out just like ours.
Taking a shower bath today. Yesterday we got new AC and hot water tank (6 gallons). We keep unpacking and Getting rid of things we don't need. We are going to go wash laundry today too. Things are coming together.

7 March 2017

Our site at Waco North RV park

5 March 2017

It's raining today. I am up and playing games on my phone. Guess I am going to have to start a book. No plans for today. Maybe if we get some brakes in the weather we can start on the box trailer - unpacking and organizing.

4 March 2017

We lost power to the RV. David put extension cords all over so we could have heat and lights. Yesterday we hooked up to the water and found that our bathroom faucet was broke off and that the valves were broken that go to our holding tanks. This was frustrating and of course it's the weekend so we can't take the RV anywhere to get it fixed.
Got the inside sort of set up. Got the stove top cleaned- ya. We have our TV set up. It not hooked up. And the fake fireplace in its spot- but it's not putting out much heat.