Portugal · 7 Days · 20 Moments · September 2017

Rhonda 's journi to Portugal

15 September 2017

Next it was in to cascais where we got a hotdog form a food truck, we held up the entire tour because a friend of Glo's said it was famous. According to marc the fixings were tasty, but the Costco hotdogs were much better. Craftsmen go through a government run program to make the famed black and white cobbled streets. This area is only 30 minutes by train from Lisbon. We had to dip a toe in the frigid Atlantic waters.
It was cold and windy at the beach! Love the hair😜! The cross monument is the the end of the world, or what was thought to be the end of Western Europe.
The scroll work was so interesting reminding of us wedding cake frosting!
Interesting items at Pena. Found the snake 🐍 handrails, and the vintage shower was interesting.
We are not convinced on the air bnb thing. Our place smelled of sewage. At 1 AM people were still out and about partying on our street. So rising early the next morning for the sintra tour was difficult! However once we got to the Pena Palace it was entirely worth it! Ironically, Our tour guide was a planner too. Treasures of the Pena palace can be found in these photos. There was a porcelain violin, and the desk drawers was actually a safe. You had to open drawers in a certain order to allow access to the really important papers. The bottom half remained in place while the top half traveled. The kitchen was beautiful and there were several, dog mold is my favorite !

14 September 2017

In the market place there were many treats to be found such as olives, black ham and a cone of salami.
Lisbon walking tour part 3, our flat was on the same we went down for our tour. The clock was in our street and you can still see the ruins that rocked the church in the 9.6 earthquake in 1755. Most Portuguese were catholic and in church because of all saints day it was very devastating! Signifying the district of barrio alto, the clock serves as a reminder of where u are. As seen in the photos is the Portuguese national guard.
Lisbon walking tour part 2, we continue our journey and went by the train station which had the interesting horseshoe doors. Glo and I rode the funicular up to The bairo alto neighborhood of Lisbon where our flat was...oh did I mention that our flat stunk, literally? It had the aroma of sewage.😷although the location was ideal, and worked well. The accommodations were nice but noisy. As we were in the heart ❤️ of the night life district. The plaque is for the port wine institute where u can sample the Portuguese port wines.
Walking tour of Lisbon took a while as there was much to see. The statue is of one of the kings. The salted cod fish is called bacalao and pretty much is the national dish. They brought cod from Norway and say they have 365 recipes for cod different ways, one for each day of the year. We stopped for a taste of the cherry liquor called ginga from the original stand which the first alcohol license was issued to back in the late 1800s. The drink was invented by the monks for medicinal purposes and was both sweet and tasty.
Hungry, we set off to the Belem district of Lisbon for the world famous custard tart pastry. They have been making this treat sun the 1800 only three people know this recipe. The pastry shop is located next to jeronimo monastery where the priesthood used the egg whites to starch their clothes. The yokes were given to the bakery for free and the pastry was created. The statue is in honor of the Portuguese explorers.

13 September 2017

Fatima, Portugal. For Catholics this is a revered site as they say 3 kids saw an angel 3 different times. Many were walking in their knees doing the pilgrimage, it was very moving.
Coimbra, was the first capital of Portugal. we did a short stop here, saw the church and went to the university.
Lello bookstore that they think Harry Potter was modeled after.

12 September 2017

Sandeman port wine cellars
Porto sites including the bridge and Douro (gold) river cruise. The second picture is if the chandeliers in the Porto Mc Donald's.

11 September 2017

Balhao market
Historic building mishap

10 September 2017

Sap bento train station. The photos depict the history of Portuguese history and everyday life in blue. The murals at the top show the evolution of travel.
Arrived in Porto walked to the Ribera district by the Douro River. interestingly the waitress at the cafe asked us to pay the bill before our food came.

9 September 2017

Dad in the SFO red carpet lounge getting ready for the Porto flight. This is a long awaited trip with Marc and Glo Weinberg. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary and they are celebrating their 30th.