Greece · 5 Days · 6 Moments · September 2017

Rhonda 's adventures on the Greek islands

21 September 2017

Santorini scenes. We didn't go to any of the beaches, but did the hike from Fira, there were gorgeous scenes.
Santorini was SOooooo beautiful! There's more pics

19 September 2017

More interesting pics
We hiked up to the arch or apollos temple on Naxos. The sunset was beautiful. Check out the seafood selection. I like the humble exhibit of octopus at one of the restaurants.

18 September 2017

Beach day on Mykonos, had to pay 10 euros to use the beach chairs and umbrellas. Us CAlifornians weren't used to paying for beach access. Had a nice dinner and the Greek yogurt with sour cherry and honey was amazing. We tried the mastika an everyone liked it!

17 September 2017

Beautiful Naxos, my favorite island!