Austria · 119 Days · 11 Moments · June 2017

2017.2 Adventures in Austria

7 October 2017

We went again to the Wien Oktoberfest because we loved ❤️ Before drinking many beers we went home an Bo cooked for us a delicious Corean food. Such a nice time!

5 October 2017

Last Deutschkurs day and we celebrate with lots of conversation and coffee in my case heiß Schokolade ☕️

1 October 2017

today we made a wine trail in Wilhelminenberg we enjoyed the delicious wine 🍷 the wonderful weather and the funniest company ever

28 September 2017

We had brunch in this pretty place, the food was amazing and we spend more than 3 hours just talking and laughing.

23 September 2017

Enjoying so much the Wiener Wiens-Fest! the beer was delicious cold, people are so drunk that they dance and speak like crazy. The music was nice! 🎶ein prosit, ein prosit der gemütlichkeit🎶 I LOVED❣️

25 August 2017

Frühstück with my friends from Deutschakademie.. so much fun and lots of conversation in German! I ate Açaí bowl and it was delicious!!

16 July 2017

Hoje foi dia de turistar em Vienna, visitamos o Schönbrunn, comemos Cordon Bleu e depois fomos tomar sorvete advinha onde? Na Bortolotte é claro! 😂 fomos no Haus des meeres, mas decidimos não entrar hoje. Today was a sightseeing day in Vienna. We visited Schönbrunn, we ate Cordon Bleu and had some ice cream in Paolo Bortolotte. We went to haus des meeres but it was too late.

23 June 2017

Teve São João sim senhor, teve tapioca, teve muito forró e muito diversão. Me senti em falando português e comendo comidinhas típicas 😍 todo dinheiro foi revertido para a Fundação Latau que treina cachorrinhos para pessoas com necessidades especiais. We had São João a Brazilian typical party which happens just this period of the year. We had forró lessons and a lot of fun! I felt like home. The money raised is meant to help Latau, an institute which raises dogs for people with disabilities.

11 June 2017

Picnic em ótima companhia 😍 Picnic with such an amazing company 😍
Fazendo uma pequena trilha de 40 minutos pelo parque para apreciar a vista de Viena Having a short hiking to see Vienna from the top
O parque essa época do ano é de tirar o fôlego, o clima estava ótimo e nós nos divertimos muito fazendo a trilha.. Viena é ainda mais linda vista daqui. *Bruno se sentindo em casa nos lugares mais inusitados 🙄 The park this time of the year is just beautiful!! We had so much fun hiking. Vienna is prettier seeing from here! *Bruno, as always, feeling at home in the most strange places 🙄