North America, Asia · 7 Days · 26 Moments · January 2018

Rex's adventure in Turkey

5 February 2018

💁🏻‍♂️so it started snowing ..

4 February 2018

I made it to the tower ..
No one sitting next to me #win
Well I made it to the airport several levels of security ..

3 February 2018

Amazing place ..
And I thought the Bazaar was a crowded place then I got to see this famous bridge. With incredible shiny clean bathrooms..odd.
Kedi ..

2 February 2018

1 February 2018

They gave me a break and fed me. Had a menu to pick anything g from there I chose salad and soup because had a big breakfast
Breakfast time

31 January 2018

This place sells this burrito kinds food really good meat ..
Ok, they picked us ALL up in a shuttle .. they are taking us ALL to the airport (I think🤔)
3hr connection to Istanbul .. the waiting time
Breakfast ..

30 January 2018