Denmark, Iceland · 12 Days · 83 Moments · August 2017

UNLEASH Denmark 2017 & Iceland.

24 August 2017

One note I thought was cute: they had those radar signs that tell you how fast you are going and what the speed limit is, and when you are over, it flashes a sad face.

23 August 2017

Double rainbow!!
The plan for today. Waterfalls and glaciers. Last night it was still kind of light until 11pm so this plan should work just fine.

22 August 2017

The water is mixed with silica and is supposed to be good for your skin. It's also naturally heated.
Perfect clear evening. There is a chance I'll see some Auroras tonight!
Wow. This is a beautiful church. I'm going to check it out tomorrow.
My tiny room in a guest house. At least there is no footboard!! I want to take a quick nap before I explore. I'm going to the Blue Lagoon tonight and I hope there are some Auroras
I didn't realize how far away the airport was. I kept looking at the wrong one when I was looking at maps! I'm glad I got a rental car!
Dunkin Donuts: Iceland Style
First glimpse of Iceland
Last view of Denmark
A real Foo Mart (corner gas!)
Do these have salt?
Only in Denmark! Lego stores in the airport!!
10 days later... still tired. Lol
Look at all the bikes at the train station!! A double decker bike rack!
Central train station. I like the digital clock. No one uses AM/PM here though.
Zero-indexed elevator.

21 August 2017

The sleeping pods in my hostel last night. At least I got a full nights sleep. Several of the guys had to leave at 3am!!
Heading back to Copenhagen!
Sal Khan from Khan Academy!!
Some cool looking buildings.
"Walking inside a rainbow" it was fun to hear the actual artist who conceived of the idea.

20 August 2017

My team!

19 August 2017

So happy with my room. I hope my roommate doesn't snore like the last one!!
Beautiful architecture in Åhaus
Haha their language makes funny words in our language.
Danish countryside
Goodbye Oure. I hope the hotel we are going to has nice beds.

18 August 2017

Bugs may be sustainable food source but ... ick

17 August 2017

Got to go mountain biking at the school. Was super fun. It was pouring rain and so muddy which made it even more fun!

16 August 2017

I'll pass on the "fish loaf" thanks!
Works on our project framing.

15 August 2017

Laundry Time! Thank goodness for Microsoft Translate!
Crazy looking fountain! A boy choking a swan!
An Ice Breaking ship and scenes around the harbor!
Danish Castle
Going on a boat ride for dinner and sightseeing.
This is my group for the next 3 day.
Building towers

14 August 2017

My roommate. Antony from Hong Kong. Lives in Myanmar.
My bed for the next 5 days.
Microsoft Copenhagen!!
Some of the people in my track, Education & ICT
There is a 100-year tradition of bringing guests to city hall and feeding them pancakes! These were super tasty and reminded me of mom's Dana pancakes. Perhaps we have some Danish in our past?! 😀😍🥞
Hello there, Thor Valdsen. (At Copenhagen city hall)
City Hall for a welcome from the mayor.
Using virtual simulations to teach about science.
I thought it looked really nice with the windmills on the horizon.
Copenhagen is super bike-friendly. So many 🚴 feels like I'm back on Stanford campus!
This is what 1000 people looks like getting breakfast!
Enjoying my coffee and breakfast by the river.

13 August 2017

The cool space where all 1000 of us were today. It must have been a challenge to find a space like this that could accommodate that many people!
Rhubarb cobbler, just like my mom used to make!!
My group for the afternoon challenge.
Yes!! HOLOLENS!!! I'm seeing kittens! #nerdlife
1000 people gathered!! This space is really cool.
Looks like they do the lovers locks here like Cinque Terre
This is the famous canal you see in the pictures of Copenhagen
Just random trampolines by the water!!!
Out for an early morning stroll. The sun rose around 4am.

12 August 2017

This was on the building downtown.
Pirate ship going through the draw bridge
For a second I thought that was Willy Wonka...
Hey there friendly little guy... that I don't have an adapter for...
The place I'm staying in Copenhagen. Danhostel
The Museum
Trivoli it's like a nice little Disneyland type park.
Central Station
Some of the architecture as I walked to the hostel.
I'm tired!
Just arrived and got thru customs and immigration (4 passport control agents for an 800-seat airplane(!) On the train now to my hostel.