Germany, India · 15 Days · 36 Moments · December 2016

Namaste, India.

11 January 2017

Also the Rotary clubs work on the education conditions of a lot of poor parts in India. Here the children got a place where they can get time to study because the flats where there live are to small .

10 January 2017

India also has lions, so we went to a safari tour 🚌

9 January 2017

But first - Rotary Meeting ☀️
Around the market of Rajkot 😲
More food.
Project of RAC Brandenburg/ Havel - part 2 - As I already said Rotaract is a big part of my life. We are members of a society which has the wish to get a better world. Education is the basic of all professions. I'm teaching every day students. I see how they grow up, how they gonna change with the feeling of they can move on, they will become something really great. Every kid has to get this opportunity - the opportunity to study 📖! We can't help in this few time everyone here but we made a first little step. We prepared 50 bags with all necessary things for the students in a primary school which don't have the money to get those materials easy. It was one of the most impressive moments in my life and I now because of these experiences I will become a better teacher.

8 January 2017

- The Emerald Club - Rushit invited us to is sports club where we played volleyball and squash. We had a amazing dinner with all members! Thank you 😊
Something really personally: - part 1 - Not a long time ago I chose my profession - what I wanna be / what I wanna do in life / what I am loving ? After making my social volunteer year and working as a "teacher" I chose that I want to be a teacher. A teacher which loves her job, which wanna changes something, which lives her job. I live in Germany, a country which has a really good education system. We have free primary and secondary schools , we are not paying a lot for university - we have the chance to get education. India has a overpopulation. I saw a lot of poor sides, families sleeping on the streets, kids selling stuff between the cars without wearing shoes. My host father took me today to a library. This on is sponsored by Rotary. As you can see at the pictures it isn't the standard as I knew from Germany but I got impressed how the people work for getting something so normal for me as a library. Thank you Rotary !
Photography exhibition of rajkot.
🙏🏻 Swaminarayan Temple.

7 January 2017

More traditional clothes ! ❤🇮🇳 the second one is the school uniform of my host sister Prachi
👌🏼 spicy, tasty, sweet, salty - all what you ever wanted.

5 January 2017

Where the spicy food comes from !
Indians animals 🙈🇮🇳
Impressions. Dresses, books & Tuk Tuks !
Heritage walk through Ahmedabad!

4 January 2017

Typical Gujarat dress ! #bollywood

3 January 2017

Welcome to kankaria lake in Ahmedabad ! I walked along the whole lake to see the sunset. Later on I went to a Rotary meeting .. feels like I stay since 5 weeks in India but just 7 days are gone.

2 January 2017

Rotary is also working on the medical insurances to make them available for everyone. They build a hospital for all those who can't pay the normal prices ...
"How do you deal with the death?", I asked him and he said "nobody died really, just his body."
Welcome to Bharuch! Bharuch is close to the Narmada river which ends up to golf of khambhat.

1 January 2017

Eating the whole time.

31 December 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR - we celebrated in a hotel together with all rotaract members and Rotarian and friends. We danced the whole night and got a little firework in the roof top because it isn't normal in India.
Warm water was not special to me. Here I understood what it means just to have a little bit ... (images how carefully you have to take a shower)
Let's go to the beach - page 365 of 365 ends on the beach. But the first amazing experience was to get there by motorbike, driving between cows and cars, without any rules !
Capsicum Plantage!

30 December 2016

2' day: next stop was the Nacional Park of Mumbai .. I felt in love with so many monkeys. Just a little sad, that I couldn't enjoy everything well, because of my fever...
My first host family place in Mumbai ! I've got good sleep apart from my illness with fever..but the journey goes on !

29 December 2016

Gateway of India. #amazing
No it isn't a castle- it's the train station where more than 6 million people pass every day ! (Imagine Berlin has 3,6 million inhabitants)wcs
First time eating in a restaurant in India - obviously everything is vegetarian and it was very good !
We went first to one of the rotary projects in Mumbai. Rotary helped there to founded a place where people which are blind can get work. In India around 6 million people are blind because of bad working conditions.
The group is ready ! Next stop : ISTANBUL!

27 December 2016

Getting really excited for tomorrow! I already packed all my stuff together ..