Germany · 2 Days · 12 Moments · November 2015

Renato's trip to Germany

15 November 2015

Morning walk under the rain 😄 to get some souvenirs. Was completely soaked when I finally found a place where I could buy an umbrella on a Sunday morning. Lots of fun though 😁

14 November 2015

Walk around the cool bars of Berlin with a local friend I met at a couch surfing meet up. Was way too drunk to take any decent pictures 😂
Grand Hyatt Hotel. Awesome room and breakfast 😁, not so friendly staff 👎
Postdamer Platz in the evening 2
The Wall
Postdamer Platz in the evening
Checkpoint Charlie and surrounding attractions
Street art around Berlin. Love it!!
Walk along the canal (eastbound)
Viasko (vegan restaurant) 😋 so much and so goooood!!!
Postdamer Platz in the morning
Airplane traffic jam @ London Stansted Airport