Canada, Germany, Austria · 18 Days · 31 Moments · April 2017

Remington's voyage in Germany 2017

21 April 2017

Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg city, and the view from the Philosophers Path.
Rothenburg's cathedral and town hall

20 April 2017

Nights Watchmen tour in Rothenburg
The majestic castle of Neuschanstien
The tragic and somber setting of Dachau where countless atrocities were committed by the SS against innocent people. Massive, empty, and silent, the camp has an eerie feeling as it stands as a monument for the 41,500 people who died here.

19 April 2017

Exploring Munich. Brown house of the Nazis, Juliet's statue, BMW World, and the Hunting lodge of the King of Bavaria.
The lake from the sound of music.

18 April 2017

Vienna symphony
Exploring the streets and wonders of Vienna. Found the Winter Palace of the Hapsburg family and the food market.
Schornburnn Palace. The summer palace of the Hapsburg family from Maria Theresa to Franz Joseph.
Beautiful Vienna. Parliament, churches and the Danube River

17 April 2017

Arrived in the beautiful city of Vienna. Saw st.Stephens church, Mozarthaus, the Palace grounds of the Hapsburgs, the Opera house, and a statue of Maria Theresa.
Bad weather on drive to Vienna.

16 April 2017

Visiting Prague's Castle district, little town and old town. Had trdelnekt, old Prague ham, and liquid chocolate!! Yum!!☕️

15 April 2017

Arrived at Prague. Saw the astronomical clock, ate some tryktnekt?, and now ready for supper.
Dresden, Saxony. Visited the local museum's physics exhibition and the gallery of the procession of the Electors of Saxony, a mural made of 250,000 porcelain tiles!

14 April 2017

Visiting Potsdam the city of castles where we explored the palace grounds of King Fredrick the Great.
The Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, and the memorial to the Jews killed in the Holocaust.
The memorial to the Berlin Wall and the Church of Reconciliation.

13 April 2017

Our hostel in Berlin, and Max trying to beat the high score on Galaga🎮!
After packing up our things we left Lubeck for the capital of Germany, Berlin!! We got to do some exploring of the city square on the former east side of city on our first day seeing both the tallest building in the city the TV tower and the monument to the fallen of both world wars. We passed by both the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag which we will be visiting tomorrow! Having bratwurst and yogurt for supper!👌

12 April 2017

Eating curry wurst at the Ratskeller (town hall cellar)! Yummy!!
Wandering around Lubeck in the cold rain🌧😟
Exploring the medieval gate of Lubeck!
Arrived at our hotel in Lubeck, rooming with Dawson Kremer. Can't wait to see the rest of the city!!
Arrived in Hamburg and met our tour guide!!
Waiting in Frankfurt for flight
Sleepy Remi, happy Remi, little ball of salt

11 April 2017

Frankfurt flight delayed
On our way to Germany!!

3 April 2017

Hey so we are leaving in 8 days