United States of America · 1 Days · 3 Moments · December 2018

Religious Sites (Mara M, Anna B, Payton S)

11 December 2018

St. Josephat Basilica. The Basilica was made from a recycled a post office and church in Chicago. The congregation is of the Christian branch of Catholicism. There is a upper and lower part of the church. The lower is used for weekday worship and reflects medieval architecture. The upper part has a renaissance architecture due to it being a replica of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Many of the pictures reflect the churches artistic aspects and how the icons are important to the Christian faith. Other pictures include the relics of first through third degree. Others include the hand painted design of the upper and lower basilica to show marble or a niche in the wall where the lower basilica was rotated after remodeling.
The Egyptian Coptic Church. This church was established to fulfill the needs of the Coptic community in Oak Creek/Milwaukee. The congregation consists of 50 families who are mostly migrants from Egypt and they have some converts from other christian denominations. The construction of the church is based around icons and religious symbols. In almost every aspect of the building there was a reference to the Holy Trinity or the cross. The icons were also constructed like a puzzle with no glue or nails to hold the building together. It’s from other forms of Christianity in the fact that they also worship some Egyptian gods. The Christmas tree shows that’s even though some principles are different we still share similar beliefs like Christmas and the birth of Jesus. The pictures of the inside of the church shows the difference between the plain aspect of the mosque and the icons of Christianity.
Islamic Center in Milwaukee. Sunni Muslims are a majority at this site. There is also a school connected to the Mosque which allows for more children and young adults to participate in the religion. There was little artistic aspects due to the Islamic faith not having icons or mosaics to avoid distraction during prayer. They are very accepting of other and open minded and we felt that they were more open to other religions than other religions are open to them. The first picture is of the entrance to the mosque. It shows the language of the religion, Arabic. The second is the inside of the prayer hall where the congregation gathers for sermons and prayers.