Europe, Asia · 51 Days · 81 Moments · July 2017

Gong Fu adventure in Wudangshan, China

31 August 2017

Travelling from Mon 6:30 to Wed 19:00 - everyone arrived safe at home. Thank you for following our journey on journi. :)
Look at these amazing pictures from the golden peak - the highest mountain and temple in Wudang:

29 August 2017

@Beijing - went to a noodle shop. Suddenly these two guys come in. All goes silent. 5min later shop is empty. Either mafia or party we guess. They force beer on us and want to take pictures. We politly retreat. For Wudang: Generally you feel very safe, even protected as a foreign tourist. We bring the money and the party and the mafia both love money.
Travelling through Beijing and catching a whiff of nightlife on the way ;)
I had to travel home alone oO Why ? My Flight to Dubai started a day earlier than of the others Kung Fu Brothers&Sisters. The Airline changed it. What was to do ? I had to book a flight, drive to Xiangyang Airport (2h Drive) and get my Flight to Beijing. My driver was a known local of a Chinese Kung Fu Brother. I was waiting 12h in Beijing, just drinking coffee, reading, talking to unknown and listining music. It was also exiting to watch how fast my smartphone/batterybank were loading. Full Power Baby ! like lóng ha Quan oO Now I am in Dubai, waiting to get my flight home to Vienna (I talked with the Airline, they gave me an earlier flight home). But I am very thoughtfull now, because I am thinking about, what will be the first thing, i am eating in Austria. I also have to say, sure I missed funny moments with my Kung Fu Family, but the days travel home by myself was also a very nice and free feeling ;) I hope I will see them in Vienna. by Philipp
Missing Philipp and keeping his memory by manhandling his pullover ;)

27 August 2017

Certificate by Sifu Chen Shiyu, we are thankfull for this, but we place our attention more on the actual prowess than on a piece of paper ;)

26 August 2017

Gong Fu postures @ golden peak

25 August 2017

Trainingshall for training

24 August 2017

The traditional daoist hairknot. I yet have to figure out its secret. It is directly above your Bai Hui (whatever that is). Its quite comfortable to wear, wether during the day or during training.
Today we had an amazing trip to the highest mountain top: The Golden Peak. Many pictures will follow. Hero behind the camera: Philipp

23 August 2017

Free day - trip to town: Enjoying some decent backyard noodles, having Lavazza coffee, heavy tea shopping, Tofu and Jiaozi or Beijing duck and Shrimps for Dinner. Night hike uphill to the school. Everyday is an adventure! :)
Statue of Zhan San Feng, the founder of Tai Ji and our lineage

22 August 2017

Goodbye party for Frank and misusing stomach medicine, btw we already had 3 GoT evenings ;)

21 August 2017

I love this picture @by Philipp
Here some pictures from the purple heaven palace @By Philipp
Sifu Chen Shiyu writing traditional Chinese calligraphy, an unique message for everyone

19 August 2017

"Geduld ist eine Tugend" (Patience is a virtue) As a child I was full of life, energy and I often lost focus. My Grandpa always told me, I have to relax, watch out and most important, take time to learn and do the things right. It's not the goal to make it fast or to do it for anyone else, like a show. You do this practice just for yourself. This knowledge was very usfull for our training, because last week, we (Bernhard and me) do just Jien Ben Gong (means basic training) for Xingyi Quan. This means two of three trainings a day- each last two hours, we were just doing the same five movements, again and again. One result of the training is, that I need a new pair of shoes now. But the good thing is, our punches are now more power- & meaningfull and it is not hard to learn the whole form now. Here a picture of our training-path. to be continued... @author Philipp
Train, eat, sleep, repeat

18 August 2017

Direction, path, force, endless repetition :)
Invited our Shishongs to a nice a dinner :)
Look at yesterdays amazing pictures at purple cloud temple:

17 August 2017

Purple heaven temple impressions
Real taoist food is real vegan food! Lightly spiced, less oil, no garlic and onions. Lunch at the Purple Heaven temple
Raupi ❤
Karaoke night with famous Sifu Yuan Xiu Gan from another school and Austrian, Israeli and Russian friends

16 August 2017

Impressione d supermercato
Wudangshan city impressions and street food, fryed tofu, spiced bread and corn coconut soup

15 August 2017

Integrating ancient Daoist wisdom is as important as relentless discipline in our daily practice.
Sifu playing during our practice
Sifu Chen Shiyu practicing at Huilongguan ruin
Oksana under the stern supervision of our older gong fu brother :) “Older Gong fu brother“ or “Shishong“ refers to years in training, and you are as obgliged to pay him respect as he is obliged to be a responsible person, caring for his younger sistas and brothers, upholding the tradition and discipline in the school and being an example in general. Zong ti zan is 16.

14 August 2017

Frank doing business abroad ;)
School front
Sifu's hut
Traditional class today
Philipp got new friends :)
Huilongguan Temple Ruin: During the communist era temples in China were burned to the ground and religious people as well as gong fu practicioners, wether shaolin or wudang were tracked down. Today China is rebuilding some of it's “lost heritage“. Wudang Gong Fu and Taoism nearly went extinct. We persevere, preserve and renew.
Huilongguan Village impressions, ppl are very poor here. Tourism is becoming more and more an important source of income for business and government. The simple mountain village farmer continous as he is.
meaningless motivational quote insert here
Bernhard and the group beneath a 700 yr old gingko tree, a rare species @Ninayan Temple
Yesterday a little bird fled straight through our dormitory into my bag, hunted by screaming and harassing kids... Lord grant me that whatever power and concentration you develop in me here, you use for the benefit of other beings ...
Ser Sweat-a-lot

13 August 2017

Had Tofu today ... I'm in heaven! Else it's mostly meaty vegetables ... then I stick with rice and whatever veggi there is ...
Started learning Tai Yi Xuan Men Jian
Breakfast, sweet buns (bauzi), rice soup (shifan), noodles, vegetables, meat, hot souce
Schedule, (0530-0630 morning run)

12 August 2017

Stretching with gongfu brothers and sistas :)
The kids love Ewa!
Pain is weakness leaving the body lol
Sifu studying Baghua Zhang (8 steps circle)
Xingyi-Brothers Philipp and Bernhard
Jonas studying Long Hua Jian (Dragon Sword) no matter what
Rainy day and thunderstorm, view from our room

11 August 2017

Enjoying a late lunch
Watch this: Video from our school and morning ceremony on free days.
Beautiful Wu Dang Mountain

10 August 2017

Today visit of Ninayan Temple in the mountains. Nice but had a serious heat stroke afterwards. Tomorrow is the first day of real training. Sadly not for me.
Surprisingly met Shifu Chen Shixing in the bus to Nanyan Temple!
More pictures here:
The long and steep mountain track back into school, avoiding bus and passage fees ;)
City impressions
At yuxu temple, turtle carrying the world on her back. A motive in many cultures

9 August 2017

Today again, new orders for our tailor
City impressions
In a above standard hygienic restaurant we enjoy some noodels ;)
At our swordsmith, searching for high quality Tai Ji Jian (swords)
Entrance to our school, waiting for the bus down to Wudangshan
Strange animals and where to find them :) ...btw sometimes the Zikaden (?) Are suddenly so loud that you have to shout to hear each other
We are from austria and we know gong fu, kids watch and learn! First morning and Michael is showing off ;)! (Bagua Dao)
@school Norhing quite works, even if there is electricity for a longer period ;) btw, to the left, the amazing toilet :D

8 August 2017

We visited our local tailor who is handtailoring each of our uniforms from organic cotton, linen, bambus or high quality breathable stretchable quick dry non sticking synthetics. We overwhelmed him with our european presence and orders. Nonethless, nice guy got hayday ;)
After a long and steep hike through tropic rain we arrived at the little Huilongguan mountain village, and were invited to a welcome tee ceremony by Sifu Chen Shiyu

7 August 2017

Early Morning breakfast tour in Beijing aaaand off to Wudangshan in the “hard bed train“, another 22h ride
Arrived well, good noodle soup, nice hostel: the three legged frog ;)

6 August 2017

On the flu flu, excellent food, nice view on the himalayas. Vienna Dubai Peking - r

5 August 2017

Wenn wir nicht jetzt chinesische Wortwitz machen sollen .... Wandan? 😂😂😂 Jonas hat das T-Shirt! :)

4 August 2017

Last training in Vienna today! We used the current heatwave well for some last minute Wudang condition simulation ;) Philip is giving his all!
Sifu Chen Shiyu awaits us at our destination. My personal goal: study a special sword form under his guidance. It will be a challenge due to my accident and surgery. Challenge accepted, I'd say!
The travel group from Wudang Academy Vienna is getting their Visas at the Chinese Embassy in Vienna.

11 July 2017

On 18.6. I had an bike accident. Sifu paid me a visit at the hospital, not only for support but also to kindly ask me when I'll be back in training. ;) With tremendous help from family and friends I recovered quickly and was in training again one month later, still with a cast. From left to right the core crew: Bernhard, Sifu Michael Weichhardt, Philip and myself.