Italy · 4 Days · 19 Moments · October 2017

RGS on tour in Italy

20 October 2017

Good morning Roma!

19 October 2017

Coach journey games leaving some of us despairing! Goya: 'But I can't see a carrot anywhere!!' You can be a... Carrot but not a pea? Pool but not the sea? Door but not a gate? Poor but not a pauper? Pompeii but not Herculaneum? What's the rule???
Seriously thinking about opening our own ancient taberna...
The amazing sights of Herculaneum put us all in a reflective mood. Lovely photo Grace!

18 October 2017

Who wouldn't want to build a colony here? Inspiring times at Paestum.
Awe-inspiring approach to the temples...
Great photo Goya!
Beautiful view of Amalfi, lovely photo Sarah!
Nice chill out time in Amalfi 😎
Another beautiful morning, perfect for a day out in lovely Amalfi!

17 October 2017

Lovely sunny day in Pompeii!

16 October 2017

A whole day in Italy? Ice cream overdue!
Happy birthday Vysnavi! Eurovision-worthy celebrations at dinner.
Beautiful view from our hotel!
And... relax.
At the crater!
First view of Vesuvius!
Super psyched for our #volcanohike!