United States of America · 2 Days · 3 Moments · July 2016

24 July 2016

Oh no! A caterpie is in my beer! Dogfish head brewery was completely worth the 15 minute walk from the boardwalk. A great time flight tasting (festina pĂȘche!) and some delicious pizza. Afterwards we had to stop at sweet Charlie's to have some Thai inspired ice cream - mixed right in front of us on a cold metal plate.

23 July 2016

Quick snap on the beach - the weather was too gorgeous and distracting to take many more. We walked all the way down to the south end of the boardwalk so that we avoided the worst of the crowds. The middle of the beach was an actual sea of umbrellas. Wins of the day: $2.50 water shoes that are sturdy $20 breakfast (for two) - expensive, but worth it. A huge croissant with spinach, feta, and an egg. Plus, a Bagel with Nutella To split. (All at cafe go go)

22 July 2016

Well, it took about four and a half hours, but we made it to the beach. We were so determined to see the beach before it got too late that I left my camera behind and this is the best photo I could manage. Accidentally, we took one of the longest routes possible to the beach - even wandering past the very menacing batteries of Fort Miles (from World War Two). But, we were eventually rewarded with a view of the ocean. Back at the campsite we discovered our site (number 29) was WAY too close to the bathhouse. There wasn't a lot that separated is from the neighboring sites, and some didn't understand campground etiquette as a couple of people cut through our site when leaving the bathroom. The bathhouse was at least clean, though maybe lacking the best design - there are 8 individual rooms you have to wait for regardless of having to use the bathroom or needing to use the shower. So, just avoid peak shower times if you can.