Philippines · 274 Days · 3 Moments · March 2016

Regina's Sea Adventure

17 December 2016

Best way to enjoy your summer! Zambales! My friends and I planned to visit some beach even it's already December. The original plan was to stay at The Circle Hostel in Zambales. When we arrived there, the accommodation was fully booked for the whole month and no available rooms for us. We thought we will go home after the almost seven hours of travel from Laguna. Fortunately, the receptionist offer us another resort to stay. The resort was still under development so the environment was under construction. Their employees was really kind. We ask if we can have a bonfire. 450 pesos for one set of bonfire. But since kuya is kind, he gave us another set of bonfire for free. Early in the morning, we tried surfing. But because of high waves, and were not so professional, we were not able to surf. After that we visit the falls. The owner is very kind that they will offer what they can offer. Very good for relaxation.

26 November 2016

I'm not actually water lover. But sometimes, water is worth to try. Not too crowded. Locals there are very accommodating. No entrance fees. Just foods and unli photos. The weather is perfectly fine.

19 March 2016

Very memorable sea adventure! The undiscovered Boracay! Not fully developed that's why you can really feel the presence of this virgin island. No cellphone signals! Just photo ops. No water source, so make sure you bring own. There's water for bath. The locals will fetch it from their deep well. Not so many trees. Ready to get burned! White Sand, as white as in Boracay. Very clear water as the watef in Puerto Princesa.