South Korea · 7 Days · 33 Moments · November 2017

Regina's adventure in South Korea

25 November 2017

Everland !!
Cafe hopped at a beautiful flower cafe we chanced upon

24 November 2017

Photo booth
Lotte Mart
Back to Seoul
Jijimbang Showered with naked ahjummas and had sauna

23 November 2017

Seongsan Ilchulbong
Ate Korean BBQ
Seongeup Village (Jewel in the palace)
A pair of male horse and female horse are used to grind food into powder. Reason being, the male horse will chase the female horse. Women in the past are to do such tough jobs, and they often use this machinery to grind leftover foods from Wangbalis.
In the olden days, Jeju categorised people into "Tong Bali" for children, "Wang Bali" for the superior race - married men, "Pi bali", "Pan Bali" and "Leng bali" You have to enter house doors via status. The door in the middle can only be used by the Wang bali, the married men and superior race. The small door is used by the male tongbali. And as for girls and women, they have to enter the house via the kitchen door. The gap below the house is such that smoke will exit there, and not via the roof. It is built such that the Japanese (during occupation) will not be able to detect the villagers.
Maze Museum
Good morning in Jeju Do, Shilla Stay

22 November 2017

Ate. ✌🏻
Second stop: Hyeopjae beach
First stop: Monsant cafe (GD's cafe!)
Today, we will be departing for Jeju! Took vans to Gimpo airport.

21 November 2017

Lastly, we went to Lotte Dept at Myeongdong. We thought there will be a huge Lotte Mart... Guess who didn't research properly and ended up with disappointment :( Anyway, bought snacks and foods worth 87,410 won lol. And you have to pay 50 won for the plastic bag. And tax refund is so damn complicated (I'm lazy to explain, we didn't get it in the end) After that, Mom and I went to stroll around at Myeongdong street (the rest was tired alr and cabbed back). Chanced upon innisfree shop with their green cafe. Their green tea oreum tiramisu is surprisingly good. 8/10
We went to Insa-dong as Phyllis wanted to get traditional and cultural Korean souvenirs. It didn't disappoint and once again, we shopped!
Next stop is Dongdaemun! I'm disappointed tho. Not sure if it's because I don't know how to go Dongdaemun market or what? I heard it's the most famous shopping district but all I saw were wholesale goods at Dongdaemun shopping complex and Pyeonghwa clothing district. The prices are much cheaper, yes but all of the shops are repetitive and mostly only winter hats/ scarves/ gloves.
Accidentally went to Namdaemun today when we actually planned to go Gaehwa at Myeongdong Chinese embassy. We went to eat Kalguksu alley in the end which is very hidden- their chopped noodle is jjiang!! I tried cold noodles (naengmyeon) but I didn't really like it. We went to briefly shop around the street too, they have a stationary shop street, camera street etc - you can get a Namdaemun map from a guy who's like a tourist informator ~

20 November 2017

Next stop was Noryangjin fish market! Where we get to choose and sample fresh raw seafood (it's really good!!) and get a restaurant to cook it for us. Be careful of scammers tho, we paid 1700 USD for 20 pax. 500 usd alone for cooking, crazy isn't it? I was so sick of all the seafood tho- abalone, shrimps, mussels, live octopus, crab etc. The food is really really really good however.
Nami Island
Ziplined to Nami in the snow. Best feeling ever. The snow kept hitting my face 🌬
While on the way to Nami island, it snowed. It's my first time seeing snow ❄️ We ate at a Korean chicken restaurant (it's kinda like yoogane) before heading to Nami.
First, we went on the Gangchon rail bike (at Gangchon rail park). Phyllis and I got separated from the family and were grouped with strangers (as usual😂). Well, it was pretty... lackluster I guess? The scenery wasn't as beautiful as expected and the only unique thing was the caves that had different attraction each time.
Loots of the day!

19 November 2017

It was late when we went back to our hotel at Chungmuro (1 stop from Myeongdong). We decided to go Myeongdong as well, we know it is one of the most famous places in Seoul. We could have taken the Subway that is near our hotel but oh well... our smart asses decided to walk and get lost... Anyway, after much difficulty, we reached the heart of Myeongdong. We spotted the Cathedral first. We shopped for skincare products and received some samples. (Lotte dept is closed..) After shopping, we went for massage at a Chinese owned place. Well, it's not a country well known for massage so I shan't complain. One thing I like tho is the last part where they soaked my feet in a plastic bag filled with hot water. It's really the best feeling after walking in the cold all day. We went 7/11 for cup noodles after that. It's a great first day :)
Next stop was Hongik University (aka Hongdae). Right from the Subway to the street, it was very very crowded and cramped with Korean youths and tourists. It is a great shopping place (therefore v little photos haha) with modern and fashionable clothes/ accessories. There is a walkway where you can see many Korean youths performing - singing / dancing etc. It's really interesting to see the kpop dream culture here in Korea. There are so so many talented people in this country and many dream of being an idol. This culture is very evident is Seoul!
Next stop was 土俗村蔘鸡汤, a famous tourist spot. It's located near Gyeongbokgung Palace too but you have to walk to a different exit. Once we reached, there was already a long queue. Anyway, one thing that really piqued my interest is this "sand like thingy" that produces heat... (okay I will research about that later.) The place has a traditional Korean setting; there are floor seats or chair seats. The service was bad but the food was great. There was some kinda sticky rice in the ginseng chicken, and it was really tasty! The chicken meat is very tender too. All in all, 8/10 for the food and 0/10 for the service!!
We took the Subway to Gyeongbokgung Palace after getting our T money card. Regretfully, we didn't rent hanboks as it was too cold to wear one. (FYI if you wear hanbok, it's free of charge admission to your the palace) There were many people wearing traditional hanboks! And a memorable pair of Mother & Daughter wore the winter hanboks with fur~ Anyway, the entrance fee was about 3000 won per pax, but we didn't get to tour the whole palace as it was really too cold. What a pity!!! The designs of the palace are really exquisite and the scenery is beautiful.
Day 1.