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Summer of 2017 trip to Florida!

15 December 2018

8 March 2018

14 August 2017


13 August 2017

When I'm 15 I will super savage 😜

12 August 2017

Where in Shreveport la
Today where going to DALLAS

11 August 2017

Now where in LOUISIANA
Spikes said I hope o Charley's come to amarllo tx

10 August 2017

Dinner tonight was in Dothan Alabama. We ate at O'Charlies. It was great food! They had a cool drink it was cotton candy flavored! The kids loved it!
Now we left Florida now we are in sweet home Alabama
Today is a hot sunny day in Florida
Ate at one of our favorites! Not papa's! It was good!
We're packed and headed home today! It's time! We have had a great vacation, but it's time to get back! School starts in 6 days! Lindsay had a great report from dr Nalda! We will see ya again next year Florida!
Today's where going home today and we already left Kissimmee

9 August 2017

We got season passes and got to go several times in Kissimmee and once in Orlando! It was fun!

8 August 2017

Dinner tonight at Sizzler Steakhouse.
Keylonai and Papa played golf today at Falcon Fire golf club. She was the driver and caddy! Papa said she did a great job! I took Keyson to finish his shopping (spending his $$). He bought more leggos and a droid. We also got Lindsay 2 shirts and some postcards. We ate lunch at Denny's.

7 August 2017

We went to Fun Spot in Orlando Tonight. Kids had fun!

6 August 2017

Sunday lunch at Abuelos and then went to see the Emoji movie. Keylonai slept through the whole movie. Lindsay Keyson and Nawnie liked it! We went back to pool and swam even in the rain. We ordered dinner from the tiki bar tonight.

5 August 2017

There was a beautiful rainbow 🌈
We spent the morning at a Wyndham Time Share sales pitch. Now having lunch at UNOs, then on to Hollywood Studios.

4 August 2017

In the hotel pool

3 August 2017

Wonder works for dinner and a magic show. We really had a great time! We were in a hurricane, an earthquake and Lindsay layed on a bed of nails. Keylonai did the ropes course. The magic show was really funny too!

2 August 2017

Went to FunSpot in Kissimmee! Again! Dinner at Chic fil a.
Day 3-Tom and Keylonai played golf at Celebration Golf course. It was her first time to go be the caddy, and she did a great job! Even got to drive the cart a little. They teed off at 7:10am! Then we had lunch at Celebration Town Tavern.Keyson played leggos a lot!

1 August 2017

Bought the kids yearly passes to FunSpot amusement park! It's right in front of our hotel, so we will get our money's worth. There is another one in Orlando. We will check it out too!

31 July 2017

This 2nd night we stayed in and swam. It was fun. There was a dance team staying here from Equador. Keyson tried to talk to them in Spanish even though he doesn't know how. He was showing them his muscles. It was so funny! He's definitely not shy!
We're at UNOS waiting on our food. Lol
Spikes was watching Keyson from the window.
We ate lunch at Perkins today and they had a guy making balloon animals. Some kid's balloon popped really loud, and the whole place screamed. It was funny! Sounded like a gun shot!
Hotel pool
Swamp behind hotel property. It's really pretty!
Our first morning out by the pool. Eating breakfast, caught a frog!

30 July 2017

Lunch in Gainesville

29 July 2017

Lunch at Tallahassee
Eating lunch at Crystal River Seafood.
We in TAllahasee,Fl for 2 nights. Then we will go to Kissimmee for the next 14 days. We're having fun. Ate at Chuy's tonight and it wasn't that great.

28 July 2017

Lunch at the Derailed Diner.

27 July 2017

Tonight we're in Hammond, La staying at Holiday Inn. Getting a free night!
Leaving Galveston today! We had so much fun! Hope to come again someday. We love the beaches!

26 July 2017

Today we went to see Despicable Me 3..We were all tired and needed a break from the sun!
Jimmy's restaurant on the pier.
Lunch on the pier.

25 July 2017

Lindsay having fun at Schlitterbaun!
In Schlitterbaun. Galveston Tx
Lunch at Mario's Italian.

24 July 2017

Dinner Tonight at Fishermans Wharf. With Janis and Jay and Jonathan and Brandi.
Fun at the beach in Galveston.
Rainforest Cafe
Eating lunch at Rainforest Cafe.

23 July 2017

We're in Galveston staying at Comfort Suites on the beach.
Beach fun!
Going through Houston, Had to stop at Buc-ees
Lunch on Sunday at D&M Diner in Cleveland,Tx
We had a great day at the pool at Lori & Tommy Spain's in Nacadoches, Tx. Lots of fun in the sun!

22 July 2017

Fun day at Lori and Tommy Spains!

21 July 2017

Tonight we're in Nacadoches,Tx staying in a two bedroom suite at Holiday Inn Express.
Ate seafood at Clear Springs in Nacadoches tonight.
We're in Nacadoches to visit my friend from childhood. Lori Carthel Spain.
Eating lunch at Betos Mexican food in Arlington.
First night, the kids went to stay the night with their dad in Arlington. Tom ,Lindsay and I stayed at Comfort Suites in Arlington. We were so tired!

20 July 2017

Dinner in WIchita falls at Cotton Patch.
Today we are on the road to Dallas and then tomorrow to Nacadoches. We are packed in this car like sardines!

15 July 2017

I'm in butterfinger haven

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