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Recovery Ranch Hurricane Harvey Relief

11 September 2017

First thing this morning we went to Ed's place and helped move some large panels for him. Later today we are going to help him put them together!

10 September 2017

Yesterday we went to the Texans vs. Jaguars game to bring some team spirit and show our support to the people of Houston! #houston #texas #hurricaneharvey #relief #nfl #football #texans

9 September 2017

Today we sent a crew out to help at a family owned trailer park. We met with Bubba and Suzi (the managers) yesterday and they told us that they were having a hard time finding anyone to help with their business and asked us if we could help. As you can see in the pictures, most of the RV's evacuated and the ones that stayed were completely destroyed. The park itself was covered in trash and debris. We were able to help clear out a lot of the trash and try to get the park livable again! #rockport #texas #hurricaneharvey #relief
Did a tree and debris removal crew today! Broke out the chainsaws and went at it! #texas #rockport #hurricaneharvey #relief
It's our 3rd day at Jennell's property and we were able to remove all the mold infected drywall from the ceiling and the walls! We also sprayed down the rest of the property with bleach to kill any remaining mold! #texas #rockport #hurricaneharvey #relief
Kay came by yesterday to get work gloves from us and then later that day called us and asked if we could help her. Her and her husband lost everything, the roof ripped off her house and the ceiling caved in. It was a privledge for us to be able to go down and help her. We started off with a crew of guys that cleared out the stuff upstairs in Tyvek suits and face masks and sorted through it all trying to find anything of value. We will be returning soon to finish the job! #rockport #texas #hurricaneharvey #relief
John stopped by and got some gas for his community! We were glad to help him help others. Heath and David interviewed him and asked him for his thoughts.

8 September 2017

Matt, Marquez, and Bri came from Louisiana to help fix downed power lines, we got an interview with them expressing their gratitude. Thank you guys for helping restore power to Texas! #texas #rockport #hurricaneharvey #relief
Talked to Jim over at Sutherland's in Corpus Christi, he helped us gather some more tools. We asked him how he was affected by the hurricane. Thanks so much for the help and support Jim! #hurricaneharvey #corpuschristi #texas #sutherlands #chainsaws #relief Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1711888392156587/
Went back to Janell's building again today to do some more work. We're getting it done! Thanks again for letting us be of service! #texas #rockport #hurricaneharvey #relief #aa #na
Went over to Kay's house today to check out the damage. Not much survived the hurricane but her fish tank. Luckily we have a bunch of helping hands and @ranchhandssyv to repair! Thanks for asking us to help Kay. We'll be there tomorrow! #hurricaneharvey #rockport #texas #relief
Today we helped out Nila clearing up her property of a bunch of fallen trees and debris. We came with chainsaws, good attitudes, and a desire to help. Thank you for letting us be of help! #texas #rockport #hurricaneharvey #relief
We met up with Mark and Martha who are the parents of Andrew Olsen, a current graduate who is back at the ranch. They made a generous donation and joined us on a work crew, unloading a semi. After the hard day of work they decided to join us and pitched their own tent next to ours. We greatly appreciate their donations and efforts in helping us out! #rockport #texas #hurricaneharvey #relief

7 September 2017

Bethany Lutheran Church stopped by with an awesome surprise today, the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog team! Isaac and Andre got a picture with @lcck9tobias! #hurricaneharvey #relief #lcck9comfortdogs #rockport #texas #lcc #dogs #love
Victor and Magda asked us for our help at their house today. We showed up with chainsaws, crowbars, sledgehammers, and a ton of enthusiasm and went at it. We tore out all the damaged and molded interior and did what we could to clean up all the debris and damage outside. Victor helped us out the entire time! Thanks for letting us be of service! #hurricaneharvey #rockport #texas #relief #demolition
Laundry! The youth and a couple guys took a trip to The Laundry Shop. Working on school and washing all of our clothes at the same time! #hurricaneharvey #relief #portland #texas #school
Some guys from Knights of Columbus saw our camp and decided to drop off a bunch of food and supplies! Thank you guys so much! #hurricaneharvey #relief #rockport #texas #knightsofcolumbus
At Jennell's building in Rockport, TX, going after it with the crew! #hurricaneharvey #relief #rockport #texas #aa #na
Serving food to those in need! Our kitchen crew is coming together to make a bunch of food for those in need! Yesterday we handed out over 600 burritos! Who knows how much will be giving out today! #texas #rockport #hurricaneharvey #relief #food
Ray from Salt Lake BBQ just donated 1,000LBs of ice and soda!! Thank you for your help Ray! #hurricaneharvey #rockport #texas #saltlakebbq Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1711633785515381/
A little demo and clean up work over at Jennell's building. We're working outside until the noon meeting. Once that's over, more work begins! #hurricaneharvey #rockport #texas #relief #aa #na
Jennell saw us camped out in the neighborhood waiting to help. She introduced herself to us and told us about her building she has right down the road. She regularly holds at least 3 meetings a day but since the building got beat up so bad it's down to one at noon. So today right after that meeting we're going in to tear down and build back up everything affected by the damage. Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1711518638860229/
We started our second day off right! Dave and some of the guys came up with a clever wake up song to get everybody ready to go!

6 September 2017

Went to Walmart Supercenter today in Portland, TX. We got over 500 eggs for breakfast burritos tomorrow. Nine shopping carts full of food, water, and camping supplies so we can set up camp. Katrina killed it at the register today, teaming up with Dillon and jammed out bag after grocery bag into our carts. We even got some animal masks to spice things up! Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1711094672235959/
After 5 days on the road we are finally here in Rockport! We met with Scott and his team and they generously served us food, so we helped them breakdown their camp and clean up a little! The guys were so excited to get out of the vans and spring into action! Now we are setting up camp and get ready for tomorrow so we can start seeing where else in town could use some help!
Stopped by McDonalds for breakfast this morning and Dustin got to interview Cindy. She was fired up for what we're doing! Thanks for the support! Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1710618682283558/
We were just filling up our vehicles when Corey came up to us with a bunch of excitement and let us interview him about what he thought we were doing. Thanks for bringing the fire and passion Corey! Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1710252978986795/

5 September 2017

We stopped by Shorty's Pizza Shack in Waco, TX. Che and Andrew interviewed Jessica and Adam who made us 16 pizzas and 8 calzones! Thank you guys so much for the food and your support for the victims of the hurricane! Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1710191845659575/
Just stopped by Tractor Supply Co. in Eastland, TX. Picked up another fuel tank, two water tanks, and a bunch of other supplies! Thanks again Abel and Sabrina for helping us out!
Stopped at a 7-Eleven in Abilene, TX when Jackie here stopped us and asked if she could fill up all our vans and trucks! Thanks for your support! Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1709909592354467/
Joe and Heath interviewed Daniel after we picked up some breakfast from McDonald's in Abilene, TX and asked him how he felt about what we were doing. Thanks for The Egg McMuffins! Interview link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1709843635694396/
Called it a night around 3AM and stopped at La Quinta Inn in Sweetwater, Texas. We are very grateful to be sleeping in a nice clean room where we can get some good rest for the next day! 223 miles until we hit Dallas.

4 September 2017

Stopped in Monahans, Texas to get a quick bite to eat before we hit the road again. 396 miles left before we hit Dallas.
We ran into a little adversity on the way, one of the tires on our trailer blew out in Anthony, Texas. Luckily we had a bunch of guys jump out an remove the old one while a couple of us drove over to Tractor Supply Co. and got three more tires along with two 100 gallon gas skids and some other supply's for the trip!
Pulled off the I-10 to fuel up in Deming, NM and interviewed these guys at the Petro! Thank you guys for showing your support! Interview link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1709820125696747/
It's really a cool sight to see the entire caravan stopped for gas! Right now we're at a Chevron in New Mexico filling up before we call it a night. About 800 more miles before we hit Dallas.
As we made a pit stop in Tucson Arizona to have our drivers rest a little bit before hitting the road again, we decided to stop by In N' Out to get everyone food, and talked to a young man who gave us service and he said what we are doing is awesome and he wishes us the best of luck! As we circled up in the parking lot outside of the Tucson mall we all talked about one of the main things we live by here, and that is taking initiative and having jump to anything and everything. So far this trip has been an adventure and we all can't wait what we see and who we meet next!
Today we stopped in Phoenix Arizona to pick up some supply's from Howard's Ace Hardware. The manager said he got excited when he saw a sea of blue shirts flood into his store. Ace Hardware gave us a discount and donated some tools to us for our cause. Thank you for all your support Mike, Nicole, Lisa and everyone at Howard's Ace's Hardware for all your support!
Waking up at 4:45am this morning, we were driving and thought about getting breakfast but realized how tired our drivers were. What better place to stop but Dunkin' Donuts? We encountered two young women, Courtney and Summer, they were kind enough to help us out with an employee discount. Hopefully we can fix up Texas before Courtney goes to school down there! Thanks again, the donuts and coffee were awesome!
Fueled up our convoy in Blythe, CA. We met Liz at the Valero gas station and had an awesome interview with her. We tried to get free gas but she just wasn't buying it. Thank you Liz for the good wishes! Now, it's time to hit the road. Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1707893172556109/

2 September 2017

We met up with a former senior house manager at Recovery Ranch, Max Maynard, and his mom Angela Maynard. The whole Maynard family was generous enough to donate 250 toothbrushes and toothpaste to our cause. We just wanted to thank Tobey, Angela and Max for their contribution. Max, we miss you so much! Hope you're doing well in college. Interview Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheRecoveryRanch/videos/1707425002602926/
We're on the Road!! Were passing through Malibu and we could definitely use help in finding a good place to stay as finding suitable accommodations for 50 guys can be hectic. Were looking for a home/property to potentially rent and set up base camp, allowing us to really begin laying groundwork for all the services were bringing and offering. Please feel free to contact us at any time. 805-245-2421 or you can also reach us at RecoveryRanchRelief@gmail.com
Today we start our journey to Texas to help relieve the people of Hurricane Harvey. The Ranch Gear team stayed up ALL night to make sure we had all of our gear ready to go, and the guys who were working hard making sure all the donations were packed and organized, also making sure that the vehicles were safe to operate before we start this long journey. Needless to say, we SUPER excited to go. We can't wait to see what happens through all of this!
Our first stop is at Hayward Lumber 421 Laguna St in Santa Barbara 12:30 pm. Please come out and show support! Our next stop will be Vons 1040 Coast Village Rd in Montecito at 2:00pm.
We mapped out our route, ready to hit the road!!

30 August 2017

Packed up and ready to get on the road!!!