United Kingdom, France · 11 Days · 12 Moments · March 2016

Europe Here I Come!

4 April 2016

Left Rach today after breakfast 😢 she was nice enough to go all the way on the tube to heathrow. Our flight left a bit late, but security was easy and I got right in the plane (was a bit later than I wanted to be!) Sitting in the middle in the plane kinda sucks, but more so it's just soooo uncomfortable. I'm excited to see the fam but also this trip flew by so I don't want to leave. Boo.

3 April 2016

Last full day in London. Had fun wandering through and seeing different locations before church at hillsong (they have like 4 services that last all day). He preached on John 20ish. I liked him but over church may have been a bit showey (lot of internal though put into "church"). We then went to dinner at this adorable Mexican place with can adorable Irish or Scottish waiter. Then drinks then brooklynn 99 then bed!

2 April 2016

Harrods (which was ridiculous), Hyde park, Big Ben, Buckingham palace, parliament square, dinner was chicken and rice and beer and ice cream.

1 April 2016

Driving back into London. We can see the sea now, after driving about 4 hours along the French highway. The view started to get really pretty about an hour ago, with fields and pastures with little cities in between. So pretty.

31 March 2016

Today we did south of the seine! We were also smart and figured out the metro system so we didn't have to walk a gazillion miles. We saw nortre dame and the Eiffel Tower. Both were so gorgeous! On our way back we stopped at a famous macaroon place in this really ritzy area. We got some for Lucile and us! The people here all speak such good English and we don't speak like any French, which I feel pretty bad about. It rained again today but it was ok because we took the metro and got more breaks with coffee and sitting in nortre dame.

30 March 2016

Got to Paris! Arrived and met Lucile in our apartment, which is adorable. We then took a nap and we both slept like babies for an hour. We then went out and walked around all the touristy spots above the seine. SO. MUCH. WALKING. (About 20 miles). We ate an adorable cafe for breakfast right across the street from our housing.... And for lunch we did a pizza cafe place. It poured rain. My feet were throbbing after, but when we got back we got chicken nuggets and French fries, and watched new girl which was a much needed break. We then slept for like 11 hours which was amazing.
Took a bus to France!! We had to take a ferry to get across the English Channel, and it was actually super fun! It took about an hour and a half, but we got beers and chilled and talked. Super fun! Had about 4 more hours of a bus ride after that. Slept a little.

28 March 2016

So today we went to the typical countryside of England. We went with Bethan's parents to Cotswolds, which is like really old buildings and little villages in clusters with rolling hills between. They all have this yellow brick to them. We stopped at like 5 different villages, and also a church dating back to the 11 century. It was funny because I said that was older than America was, and Bethan's dad was so surprised! Also Bridget jones diary was filmed their, and Kate winslet lives right down the raid from where we traveled. Lynda and Andrew were great and paid for everything and were so sweet. Everything was "his treat" including sweets and tea and "biscuits" and dinner with wine, and dessert. Amazing. They are hysterical too (panjam radio, passport trick) and chasing the storm to get a photo. Dinner was soooo yummy too, I had like a chicken pot pie with "mash" (potatoes) and peas, gravy, and then ice cream for dessert. SO FULL.

27 March 2016

Went to coch castle. Mind blown!!! How amazing it was... Also while we were walking around it Dave officially asked Roan out while they hiked up the side of a cliff. Pretty cute 😍

25 March 2016

We went to porthcawl sea today and it was GOREGOUS. It was sunny and like 60 degrees, with little wind. We went with Alex McCan, who I do remember from the P.C! It was so fun. I was pretty tired from it sleeping but made it through.
Made it Cardiff at 9:30 am!! The plane was small but the flight was great, and the lady next to me was lovely. Going through border control was scary but the man was very nice.

24 March 2016

Left on time and arrived early in Amsterdam! Didn't sleep hardly at all though, which is a bummer. Got dinner and breakfast on the flight! When we arrived in Amsterdam it was raining.