United States of America · 3 Days · 21 Moments · November 2015

Rebekah's odyssey through United States o...

23 November 2015

We've seen a lot of these in Baltimore, but never have we out sped one on the highway.
Stopped for some peaches in Georgia🍊...they were out of season 😔 ...but we picked up some yummy snacks anyways! And if u look closely you'll see David Stuck in the stocks
On the way home and grabbing some gator meat for the Thanksgiving meal

22 November 2015

Painting in Gpops barn :) ... Special memories
Gpops painting in a local diner above the family table

21 November 2015

Dancing lessons with Gpop
10 min out
Logging in Florida? Yep tons of em...and my babe, we're getting close, 1 1/2 hrs left!
Brunswick, Georgia .... They have Smoke stacks too
We're in Georgia
The good ole days...
Truck stops-good food, good company
Woke up to find we had picked a spot next to a delapatated old farm house
Ok up and taking off again after a 5 hours of sleep...at least for Beka 😴
Found a quiet farmland to bed down and get an early start in the morning
Still going, Bekas driving now, getting 27.5 mpg!

20 November 2015

Historic Selma...Martin Luther King Jr.'s small town
We just crossed the border, ...one of many, feeling good and still very awake
First selfie of the trip, beat dc traffic, Bekas beat too
On our way to Florida! :) ...Sitting in DC traffic...