Europe · 5 Days · 8 Moments · May 2017

Rebecca's European Horizon!

16 May 2017

What a beautiful country Austria is, so stunning! Such beautiful scenery everywhere you look and such a peaceful place. I had the opportunity to go paragliding which is something like I've never done before and it was truly worthwhile! Never have I been so scared yet to amazed at one time in my whole life. What an incredible experience! Had a party at our stopover and drank what can only be described as my body weight in booze and woke up in the hallway of the hostel! Feeling very precious on the bus this morning but all good because off to VENICE, ITALY!

15 May 2017

Day 3: Munich! What a beautiful city full of so much history and beer! Lovely to get on a bike tour and cycle about to some of the best spots and see some beautiful architecture and quite a lot of random fun stuff! Ended at the hofbräuse house for litre beers! And the most epic size pretzels! Now off to Austria...

14 May 2017

Stopover in St Goar, Rhine Valley. Was a pretty good journey down the valleys and scenery is just breathtaking. Great to get here and find out how beer steins are made followed by wine tasting of what I can only describe as the yummiest wine ever. A few drinks at the hotel before getting to bed at a respectable hour so I'm feeling fresh this morning. Back on the bus to get to Munich! 🇩🇪
Well Amsterdam what can I say? First stop over and you most certainly didn't disappoint! I'm hanging so badly and all I need is a good nap. Thank you for your beautiful scenery, canals and buildings. Thank you for your coffee shops and little quirky restaurants. Thank you to the red light district for showing me more then I bargained but most of all thank you to the kind man that put me in an uber last night to get home as I got lost and cried like a baby! See you soon. Now off to the next place...

13 May 2017

First night on Contiki tour and have befriended this pair of lovely individuals. We've tarted ourselves up to get on the booze cruise which I've been told is unlimited drink. May god have mercy on our souls.
Managed to grab a cheeky pic of our tour manager (without him noticing)! He's Italian and called Romeo with broken English and we are a mix of several very strong accents so it's hilarious! Arrived at Dover to get on the ferry to enter Europe, I'm tired, hungry and bloody thirsty but can't wait to get to Belgium and then Amsterdam tonight! Such a mix of people on the coach from all over the globe and all seem so lovely, quite a few newbies to the experience too! I've decided I'll socialise a bit more when I've had some munch because I'm probably coming across like a right moody cow! Sun hasn't come out to play yet so it best have its hat on on the other side of the channel!

12 May 2017

Arrived in London to meet the brother; upon arrival was greeted with a mini bottle of prosecco. Being a pisshead clearly runs in the family 🥂.
Day before I get on the coach to do my first ever tour! Would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling nervous and I would be telling more lies if I said I was ready!! I thought I was, however I woke up this morning and realised I have completely forgotten to pack essentials! Towels, toiletries and other important bits. Do I have room in my suitcase? The answer is NO! Better unpack to pack again for the 100th time! Wish me luck!