Hungary · 5 Days · 7 Moments · January 2018

Rebecca's voyage in Budapest, Hungary

22 January 2018

For our last full day overseas, we took a trip by train to Vienna. We had our coffee and croissants on the train, and quickly figured out how to get downtown once we got off on the main train station. Ruthie googled restaurants, and wanted to go to "The hungry guy"...and we just happened upon it once we started walking around! (Thank you, God!) We shopped a little (I had to get my magnet), went to see "The Gates of Violence", went to St. Stephen's for an organ concert that didn't happen, and then had Vienna coffee and Sacher torte before going back to Budapest.

21 January 2018

20 January 2018

Didn't get up until late.....we went downtown and decided to get Latte Macchiato with savoury pastries as a start. Went into the huge Market Hall and went shopping for a couple of hours. The Hall was built in 1896 for The World's Fair and it's probably as busy as when it first started! It's just packed with souvenirs and trinkets and good Hungarian food. Then we took the train and had hummus and soup at Cafe Csiga. Went on another train and had a thermal Bath at St Lukas where the staff is definitely not good at customer service! We left thinking we were going to save time going out the back of the establishment and getting on a train with that was closer, but we ended up getting terribly lost....but still found our way out on a suburban train, even with all the signs in Hungarian! Got off the train at a train station in a very sketchy area but made it back to the hotel just fine. :-)

19 January 2018

Went downtown and had latte and croissants. Then went and took a ride on the oldest subway in the world....this subway was built for The World's Fair in 1894 and is still operating. We went and had a long tour at the Hungarian National Museum where we saw the changes in Hungarian history from the Huns and the magyars that went hundreds of years before Christ all the way through the austro-hungarian empire, and then the fall of communism in the return of plenty. Then in the evening we went to the ST gellert Bath which is the fancy thermal bath in Budapest.

18 January 2018

You can see why they call Budapest "the Paris of the East. " It's incredibly beautiful. We went to St. Stephens Basilica, got to hear the most beautiful choir (that is what heaven will sound like!) And climbed to the top of the steeple. (Or, Ruthie climbed....I took the elevator. ) We went to our first thermal bath... we have to figure out how to do thermal baths back home!
Food! Definitely a good start in Budapest! On just our first day, we tried a" chimney cake" (a Budapest specialty), Vienna coffee, and goulash, a soup... not a casserole.

17 January 2018

It took almost a day and a half to reach Budapest. We started early in the morning on Tuesday going from Minneapolis to JFK. Then we had a long Layover which we spent mostly in the sky Club, and on to Frankfurt in delta one. A nice meal and even a new amenities holder ! our final leg was after an 8 hour layover in Frankfurt. We took the train downtown and just checked out a little bit, then came back to the airport and took Wizz Air to Budapest . A much nicer airline than what I was expecting.