Thailand · 1 Days · 2 Moments · December 2014

Northern Thailand

29 December 2014

Arrived in Chiang Mai after a 9h flight to Bangkok and a 1h flight to Chiang Mai airport. We were then pick up by the lovely benji who accompanied us to our hotel. We are blessed to be able to stay in the amazing veranda resort. Which although not too central is one of the most amazing places I have ever stayed. Up till now I've only seen it by night, but I am sure the lush green park and gorgeous bungalows will look even more magnificent under day light. We were taught some basic Thai: Hello - sawasdi kha (for women, krap for men) Thank you - kob khun kha I am really excited to go explore more of the hotel tomorrow :) And also get down to some sight seeing. I believe we will be heading to a few temples and some handcrafts factories. Exciting things await!

28 December 2014

Dinner cocktail out of a pineapple!! ;)