Greece, Jordan · 2 Days · 7 Moments · June 2017

Rebecca's adventure in Jordan

19 June 2017

Last stop on our hotel man's list was dessert! Neither of us felt like it but we had to do it. We couldn't miss the massive que of locals calling by as well. We had no idea what to ask for by he pretty much new and only asked if we wanted big or small. What resulted was a delicious price if fried cheese with coconut glaze on top. It was interesting but tasty! Would go back A++
Next we attempted to get to Rainbow street, such a mission! But we made it, much quieter than expected. We stopped but a mini mart to see if there stand on booze was as the rumors had informed us, and yes alas they were, however we found this wee treats that we a way back when throw back. We then headed to Books cafe, where we went for a secret beer, very expensive but much needed after a long hot day. Drinking only allowed on the back patio 😉
This was our food, sitting on a constructed table in the middle of mayhem. It was awesome and delicious. Everyone was out to end their fast, we had technically not done it but we fed our faces just the same. Hummus and falafal. 😍
We braved the heat and took for to the Citadel, very hot, we decided against a guide...maybe we shouldn't have we really didn't learn that much, just about babies in pots..🤔 but also saw a lot of ruins and got a good view of Amman from all angles. 🙌 We then hit a fruit market as its Ramadan and could not find anywhere to eat. Delicious fruit though, we hid back in our hotel to eat and has a nap. We then got ready and headed out, the guy at reception gave us some great tips! Picking the car up tomorrow to head north. Bring on the road trip 😊
What a day, after a very early arrival by Linda we had a chill morning, not hitting breaky till 9.30. Great pancake from the hotel though.

18 June 2017

We had this nailed, arriving within 1hr of each other..Gah, Linda's flight was delayed and then missed her connection in Rome! Trying to do airport research on the fly to get my way to the hotel. I need sleep!
This amazing spot is where I slept #winning #not. I had fellow budgo travellers along side. Maybe 2hrs sleep was had, off to explore this airport for another 7hrs then onwards to one of the most exciting trips to date! 😁