Brazil · 17 Days · 15 Moments · September 2016

Rebecca's adventure in Brazil

22 September 2016

ACAI ACAI ACAI so good!!
23 hours to go to Campo grande, crossing the boarder in corumba

20 September 2016

Last days in Rio. It was rainy and i catched a cold. Trying to get better.

17 September 2016

Hiking the two brothers! That was truly an incredible view with a nice hike. We had dinner in the favela just beneath it.

14 September 2016

13 September 2016

Strolling around Uruguaiana! It's a lovely market, didn't spot any tourist there. Most of them are selling the same things. Transportable phone recharger, selfie-sticks, clothes, bags, suitcases and even more electronics. It's a good place to feel Rio's authenticity.

12 September 2016

This is the Sugarloaf Mountain. This view is incredible, amount of tourists as well! You see the Baia Guanabara on the left side and on the right side the Atlantic.

11 September 2016

In and around Ipanema beach. Also Rodrigo de freitas on a sunny day! Also I bought a new skateboard. Really happy with that 😊

10 September 2016

Baia de Guanabara view! Locals sit along a stretched wall with beer from a pub on the other side of the street. Good atmosphere, talks and beer in a liter bottle. You can also see Christ the redeemer from here. Loved it!

9 September 2016

Paralympics in Rio! Women Basketball. Netherlands won with 117 vs 25 against Hungary

8 September 2016

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas on a rather grey winter day! Stunning panorama nevertheless..
Copacabana on a grey winter day in Rio.
Copacabana -What I expected it to be vs reality After changing my host I found myself in Botafongo. It's a more central district close to all touristic attractions, like Copacabana, Ipanema and the looming statue of Christ the redeemer. I went to to the Copacabana and from what I imagined in my head, it was slightly disappointing. Except for the white sand and long bay with pretty wild riptides, it offered a rather gray view to the houses behind me. Okay, the sun was hidden behind the clouds (it's still the end of winter here), but the hotels and flat buildings are still there. It's likely that the Copacabana is just a bit overrated! Not totally a surprise when being honest, but walking there let me 100% realize.

7 September 2016

Praia de itacoariara's stunning view. When going to Rio you most likely think of the Copacabana and ipanema beach as first places to go to. More convincing and definitely without any tourist (for as far as I have seen) is Itacoariara beach. I'm a big fan of couchsurfing and so my host brought me there. If you're in for some hiking/ climbing action the mountain right next to it is recommended. From there you have a pretty impressive view on nearby beaches and mountains. This was a good way to start the adventure.

6 September 2016

Tapioca, Açai and some local sweets to try! Thanks to my wonderful first host I got to know Brazilian favorites in no time. Brazil's national drink is Açai! Açai consist of blended Amazon palm berries, usually mixed with granola, honey and guarana syrup. It's served cold, almost as crushed ice. It's a healthy snack, desert or good alternative for ice cream on a hot summer day. Tapioca you can find at every corner as street food. I probably recommend a restaurant to try it. Tapioca are small wraps and the by just looking at it it reminded me of those Chinese crab chips. Its taste is almost neutral, but served with cheese, meat or vegetables it's just delicious. Angus do Gomes is originally from Africa. It looks like a mix of polenta and mashed potatoes, served with different kind of meats and vegetables if preferred.