North America, Europe · 10 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

Rebecca 's adventure in Slovenia

2 June 2017

Went on a great tour of Lake Bled. The castle on top of the mountain was beautiful. There was a festival going on with people dressed up in olds costumes. Went on a boat ride too the little island in the middle. Had a hunk for our rower. Out your guide, Jan was wonderful. Had av funny conversation with him about Trump and he knew all about him. His girlfriend won't let him mention the T word. We told him that our mother disagrees with us and he announced it to the whole mini bus jokingly. He was very informative. Had nice lunch in Ljubljana then drive to near Plitvice National Park. The room was smoky and stuffy.

1 June 2017

Flights to Paris and Zurich well. No real sleep though, yikes. Flight to Ljubljana was delayed leaving and landing. Upgraded to a nice new Octavia with navigation. Studio in Ljubljana was adorable. Head a little trouble checking in. A nice young guy helped us. The hostess Kristina was a hoot. She said she calls some of the Slovenian people fascists when we complained about their rude driving. Walked around town and had yummy dinner. There's a beautiful riverfront old fashioned area with gorgeous buildings, very livery. Slept like a baby.

23 May 2017

Nine days until departure from Montreal. So excited! Lots of packing to do. Hard to fit in a carry on. Going to try new vacuum bag.