United Kingdom, Greece · 3 Days · 4 Moments · August 2017

Zakynthos Summer 2017 x

6 August 2017

The next was very hot and it was just another day by the pool, the hotel apartment we were staying in was just bed and breakfast so we went out for tea every night, we came home and watched the fireworks and then went to bed x

5 August 2017

The following day we had a pool day and just relaxed as we were all still tired from our flight, we went out that night to a restaurant and then came to realise sirrel had gone missing he was found x

4 August 2017

On the first day we landed at 10 and managed to get to the hotel and unpack quickly once we'd done that, we looked around places and walked down to the beach once it felt a little cooler, we didn't have time to do loads as it was our first day we just got to know our surroundings x
Flying over to Zante and over different countries x