United States of America · 1 Days · 5 Moments · January 2018

The Journey to Jesus

10 January 2018

PART ONE It’s crazy. God has really been working on me the past year. He is constantly reminding me to seek after Him with all of my heart, with all of my being. There have been times I have attempted to seek after Him, but nothing consistent. It’s almost like the New Year’s Eve Resolution; you know, going to the gym, lose some weight, and start eating right? Never seems to work out (no pun intended) does it? Every single time I am convicted of seeking Him, there are always signs that go along with it. Subtle reminders. It could be a Facebook status, a church sign, or a verse that pops out in the Bible. Last night (1/09/18), it was impressed on my spirit once again to start seeking after God. It was a very strong urgency that lasted up until the past hour (12:00am). That’s when I decided to open up The Word of God. It’s funny though, this image was my verse of the day today (as I am writing this out).
PART II What most of you don’t know, is I recently started a new job. I’m currently working at Walmart DC. I originally applied for the job because it’s high paying and I only work three days per week. On my four days off I was hoping to focus on my livestream. It turns out that during my four days off are some of the loneliest and most depressing days off. I have off Tuesday-Friday. The days that everyone else is working. During these days off the depression takes over to the max, and I constantly second guess my decision in going to work there. However, in these secluded times, I am feeling the Lord tugging at my heart. Constantly reminding me to Seek Him..to Trust Him. A few times I have, but most of the time I just sit and game. Ignoring the call of the Holy Spirit. I know...I KNOW.. the answer is in Him. Seeking Him with ALL of my heart is the answer. I don’t believe in coincidences in the realm of Christ. J O Y | SEEK | HIM | HEART Psalm 119:2
I have drifted for far to long. I am constantly focusing on me, and my plans that I feel best suite my family and I. I have lost sense of direction and the calling God has placed on my life. Simply because I want to pursue my own “dreams” and desires because I haven’t spent quality time with God since 2012. That takes a toll on a person. Especially when Christ used to be my everything. It’s time for a comeback.
I really want to keep record of my thoughts, prayers, and reflections as I renew my focus for Christ.
Really debating on starting a journal.