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20 May 2017

6 September 2016

More cemetery, some bridge then dinner with Mike and family for our wedding present at a super fancy restaurant.
Went disc golfing thru a ghost town and checked out an old mining cemetery.

5 September 2016

Just outside Denver in the Rockies somewhere. Our friend Mike from Budapest come stateside just to see us and the misfits and his bro and sis I guess too.

4 September 2016

New first and the gimmie gimmies, the misfits @Riotfest Denver, CO
Day two of the Riotfest. Only one show I wanted to see. Julian Marley performing his daddy's album Exodus.

2 September 2016

Riotfest Denver,CO Backstage for NOFX, Timmy and myself making the hot girl face and the Descendents

29 August 2016

Welcome to Denver, Co. First day here we did a little disc golf, met up with our good friends Kelly and Ryan, and went to a marijuana dispensary and bought some recreational pot. Was a good day.

25 August 2016

In Missouri chillen with Lacey and her family for the week. Had such a nice way to wind down from the road.

23 August 2016

11/21/15 Raymond Hively & Rachel Henry get married Pinon Hills, CA

20 August 2016

DG in Memphis, then we're off like a prom dress headed toward Missouri. Stayed in Pocahontas, AR for the night.

19 August 2016

Graceland in Memphis, TN. Wow what s rundown city. It looks really bad everywhere around Elvis's house.

18 August 2016

And now we're in St. Petersburg, FL hanging with our friends again.

4 August 2016

Last set of the Smithsonian Museum of US History.

3 August 2016

If I had the money I would buy a Tucker. I hear Francis Ford Coppola has two. Also a creepy doll and some old racist stuff
On our way to DC again. We stayed in Virginia with our dear friend Kelly so we had to drive about 45 minutes or drive 20 and take the train which is what we did. Can't park anywhere for more than 2 hours there.

2 August 2016

More MLK memorial and also my favorite presidents memorial President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Biggest memorial of a pres. We saw. It just kept going.
Last pics of the Natural History museum. Mummy exhibit, Opals always reminds me of Grandma Ducky. Next was the coolest thing. Which if I wanted to be buried (which I don't) I'd want to be buried in one of the badass plane coffins or another shape similar. We left the museum to walk and see the presidents monument and memorials. Did you know that the only dead presidents monument in DC is the Washington monument. All others are memorials. #themoreyouknow. Anyways that little guy we're about to crush is the Jefferson memorial. That was just a little too far so we decided that it needed to be crushed. And one of my dad's heroes Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
Animal bones. Me standing next a giant sea turtle. Bat bones and dinosaurs. Call me morbid, but I've always wanted to articulate a skeleton.
More bats!!! The hope diamond is in there a cool looking mask and the evolution of elephants too.
More Natural History museum. Animal exhibit. Man I love bats.
More of the Natural History museum
The Smithsonian museum of Natural History. I remember coming here but it seems so much smaller now. Still take a whole day per museum to see it all.

1 August 2016

In D.C you know looking at things. It's weird, I remembered this place so well. It's been just about 20 years. Still really cool.

31 July 2016

Disc golf in Asheville. Wow the mushrooms here grow big

28 July 2016

That night at the Odditorium bar/oddities store and showcase. Listened to some shitty punk music and had a couple of drinks

27 July 2016

Sierra Nevada brewing co. In Asheville, NC. And by far the coolest brewer out there. Totally self reliant both in water and electricity. Anyways best tour yet. Sorry about all the fisheye shots. Just playing with a new lens.
More Sierra Nevada Brewery

26 July 2016

Asheville, NC Flatiron building statues of cats. And what looks like a star wars fan made a financial company

25 July 2016

Asheville,NC first pics are of a Cicada. Big loud bugs. We went to the college campus botanical gardens. And caught a few Pokemons

24 July 2016

Charlotte, NC with my boy Joshua Marks. Then we went to Carrowinds theme park and tore it up.

19 July 2016

Great Smokys
Gaitlinburg, TN. Very touristy and a waste of time for us, but it was a beautiful drive
Disc golf in Lexington,KY and a drive thru the Smokys in Tennessee. Next stop Knoxville

17 July 2016

Went to the Town Branch and Kentucky brewery. Great beer wish we could get this back in California.

14 July 2016

On our way to Louisville,KY. Bourbon Trail first stop was the Makers Mark distillery. Such a good tour.
On our way to Louisville,KY. Bourbon Trail first stop was the Makers Mark distillery. Such a good tour.
On our way to Louisville,KY. Bourbon Trail first stop was the Makers Mark distillery. Such a good tour.
On our way to Louisville,KY. Bourbon Trail first stop was the Makers Mark distillery. Such a good tour.

13 July 2016

Mammoth caves national park, KY. The caves were a bit of a let down. Out of 405miles of cave tunnels we saw 1/4mi of it. All the tours were booked up.

11 July 2016

Nashville,TN ate the best biscuits ever, went to the Parthenon(life sized replica) but it was closed

10 July 2016

Fall creek falls, TN. Stayed a night and did some hiking. A nice little watering hole to cool off in.

9 July 2016

Fall creek falls, TN. Stayed a night and did some hiking. A nice little watering hole to cool off in.
Chattanooga,TN birthplace of my grandpa. Really beautiful lush, green, HOT & Humid. Found an awesome free campsite and DG course. And decided that free and nice means that we should stay there for a couple days

4 July 2016

ATL, GA here for the 4th of July to hang out with our east coast family

23 June 2016

First to Columbus,GA to see some friends. We went to this hipster gastropub and had to take a picture of the bathroom doors. Then back to Atlanta, GA. went to The Vortex for burgers and beers. Went shopping at the Junkman's daughter next door and bought myself a kilt. Pictures to come later. Oh a found a huge freakin spider .

17 June 2016

Found a sweet DG course on the way down to Charleston, SC. Went to another awesome barbecue joint. And then again found another sweet DG course and finished the daylight doing that. We've been playing a lot of DG lately. Super stoked that Rachel likes it too

15 June 2016

The bridge From GA to SC, Myrtle beach, SC. While in the city with the most golf and mini golf courses we thought there would be a nice DG course too, but sadly you had to go out of town for a decent one. geez!!

13 June 2016

Some more of Fort Pulaski
More Fort Pulaski
Savannah, GA and Fort Pulaski.

12 June 2016

Savannah, GA colonial cemetery, and the park that the Forest Gump park bench scene was filmed

8 June 2016

Toonsville daddy-O. And gotta love that Butter Beer. Mmmmmm
More Universal.
We made it to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter. Universal Orlando

7 June 2016

Universal Studios Orlando, FL

3 June 2016

Wildlife sanctuary in Jupiter, FL

1 June 2016

Then down to Miami, FL. Ate some bomb bbq, saw this snake while disc golfing on the Virginia key where we also saw Iguanas roaming free. The Art Deco buildings were freaking awesome too.

23 May 2016

In Atlanta,GA with some of our best friends Santi and Jackie. We went to six flags over Georgia, Rachel was podcasting it up with them as well

17 May 2016

Back to Alabama to stay in the Talladega forest in a beautiful state park. Definitely not what I expected of Alabama.

15 May 2016

Disc golfing in Alabama then hit the Florida/ Alabama border and stopped at the flora-bama and had us some oysters and fried grouper. So good and a fun place

14 May 2016

Walking round the French quarter with Rachel today. Had a frozen adult drink @ the oldest running bar in the US. Call us morbid, but the museum of death was cool AF. Talked with the owners brother that runs the place. He told us of the one his bother owns in Los Angeles and looking forward to the next time we're there.
Yup we ate bugs and they weren't so bad. Went into a giant butterfly sanctuary and it was tough to get Rach out of there.
The insectitarium in NOLA. Had a blast.Rachel let out a whimper and or squeal at every display. Hahahaha

13 May 2016

Walking around NOLA by myself Rach was not feeling well.
First pic is the civil war museum in New Orleans,LA the rest are from the national WW2 museum in NOLA.

12 May 2016

Northern Louisiana to visit with my friend Jeremy had a good few laughs. It was good to see him after 15 years.

6 May 2016

Austin, TX with my brother Ben & family, swimming at Barton pools, kayaking and watching the bats come out for the night. And eating some scrumptious Texas barbecue

4 May 2016

Austin,TX oddities museum/side show.
Austin,TX oddities museum/side show.

30 April 2016

They really do things bigger in Texas hahaha

29 April 2016

Last set from Carlsbad caverns. I do love caves.
More Carlsbad caverns
Carlsbad caverns national park. "We can't stop here, this is bat country"

28 April 2016

Here we are at Roswell,NM. Went to the UFO museum which was a little cheesy and a whole lot of worthless documents. Mostly just a tourist trap. It worked and here we are.

20 April 2016

4/20 with my boy Joel Schupp at Buffalo Ridge DG course Phoenix, AZ

18 April 2016

A little DG in Phoenix, AZ with Joel Schupp

15 April 2016

Downtown tattoo with Joshua Marks Las Vegas, NV

11 April 2016

Little A'le'-inn. In Rachel, NV headed to Vegas

10 April 2016

Left Dr. Burns house in Reno and drove what's know as the loneliest highway in the US thru Nevada so we can visit Rachel, NV and the Extraterrestrial Highway route 375 near Area 51

9 April 2016

Driving through Mt. Shasta. Stopped in at the Bigfoot museum only to find out it was closed:(

8 April 2016

Arcata, CA disc golfing with Julliette and Justin. Also Coral drew us a picture

7 April 2016

Headed to Arcata, but first we had to stop at Anderson Valley Brewery to have a beer and play some disc golf

6 April 2016


5 April 2016

Park in Martinez and further up to Nor Cal

4 April 2016

The drive through San Francisco on our way to Martinez

3 April 2016

Disc golfing with James & Laughingbear in San Jose,Ca
A little hike with James &Laughingbear

2 April 2016

Another day and more miles closer to Nor Cal

1 April 2016

Avila beach with my Sister and my nieces didn't get to see my brother Paul on this one though.
Charlie Browns farm. Pear blossom,CA April 1st 2016

27 March 2016

Getting the Van "Squanchy" ready for the Journey.

24 November 2015

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