India · 1 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

Rashika's adventure in Igatpuri, Maharashtra,

9 May 2017

But we always find a way.. here thanks to best friend..Shivani.. this girl has always been there when I need her the most. She knew a hotel.. no wifi and all.but beautiful and amazing hotel.. just what I wanted. Entering the paradise.. wait wait.. my paradise can be different from others.. all I need is nature and clean rooms.. most important a chilled environment.. not much of sophistication.. not that I don't like that. But vacation I prefer this. Specially a relaxation vaction
We have reached.. quite a long journey.. we have no clue where to go., Which hotel to stay. The hotel we booked is 30-40 km away. And the vada pav is yuk here.
Starting our journey to relaxation.. exiting the fast life and entering a peaceful small life