New Zealand, Cook Islands · 4 Days · 5 Moments · April 2017

Rarotonga Spring Break!

22 April 2017

our last day in raro :( today we rented four wheelers and did a tour through the jungle! mine was shitty and would stop if the engine got too wet when we went through puddles which was annoying but also funny when i'd randomly stop in the middle of a hill. we rode them up and down hills and quickly and in circles and they were so fun! we even got a lunch of fish sandwiches that were soooooo good! at one point olan was cutting everybody off to stay in the front so i decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and cut him off buttt he ended up off the path and his four wheeler tipped and he fell off. i thought it was hilarious even though he didn't oops! then sara and i returned the car and hitchhiker back to muri in a lady's pick up truck w other travelers. it was amazing w the wind in my face and the warm air and sun on my back! then we headed back to the air bnb where we showered and changed and got ready for our flight. i overdosed on dramamine on the plane a little but LOVEDraro

21 April 2017

wahoooo raro! today we woke up pretty late and i called all the different activity places to get price estimates about trips. then we headed to charlie's to get giant chicken burgers and fish and chips. they forgot about my food so they gave me a free smoothie which was delicious! then we headed to muri beach bc we love it there and swam and some even paddle boarded. that night we cooked lamb for dinner with salad and veggies and i remembered i didn't like lamb. hailey told me i was eating spinal fluid and then i really didn't like lamb. then we got drunk and planned on hitting hula bar but me kloey and hailey just hung out in the air bnb instead. i lost odds and was supposed to go to the ocean to get a sea dick to throw on olan as he slept but then our berkeley minds weighed the pros and cons and decided against it. we continued to talk about life and love and such and then headed off to sleep.

20 April 2017

today we woke up and headed to muri beach (as we do). we tried to get on a free boat trip but couldn't so we hung out at the island part in the water and swam and talked and enjoyed life. after a full day we headed back to shower and change for our party bus pub crawl! we all had to hitchhike to the place, but unfortunately we ate our pasta dinner too slowly and the bus had already left so we crammed all 8 of us into a sedan and drove to the first bar. we ran into the party buses there and they told us their routes so we hitchhiker to the next places. we played never have i ever and drank beer and laughed and just had a good time. we rode around the island eventually getting on the buses for free and then me hailey and tamara stopped for fried chicken which was amazingggg! i made friends with some locals and a lady said we were skinny white girls and i liked her for that even tho she meant to insult us. then a boy put ice on my shoulder and told me to dance. i left him and got on stage
..... in the shallow end of the water so blissfully and peacefully. then we headed to the store so we could cook our own meals for the weekend. that night for dinner olan and i made steak while kloey and sara made salad and veggies. it was delicious and super fun to eat with "the fam"! then we started taking our shots of tequila and all got ready to go to hula bar! there we met some locals and i met scuba tom. he bought me a beer and bonded of the fact that we were stung by bluebottles in manly. then he drove me home on the back of his motorcycle (very lizzie mcguire) and we hung out. there was a cigarette incident as well which was embarrassing and funny. then i told him to leave because i wanted to party with my friends and i was kinda over him and then i took a shot or two more and went to bed. awesome night with even more awesome people!

18 April 2017

RARO! Today we woke up early to head to rarotonga for spring break!! sara kloey olan and i took our first flight to auckland where we had a 8 hour layover and hung out with sara's friendryan to pass the time. i was delirious and tired and made no sense when i talked but it was okay because i was enjoying myself. then we got to raro around 4 am and our air bnb people never picked us up and since there's no addresses there we didn't know how to get home. luckily the locals knew where we were going and brought us there. we slept until 10 when everyone came running in and woke us up. then we headed to the beach. we rented a car and headed to the first pretty beach we saw along the road and wow! it was beautiful! the water was crystal clear and there were fish and coral and i was so happy. we all were in awe. then we headed to muri beach and found tamara and tori. the water was just as clear and there was an islan across the way! we swam to and from the island and i waded......