United States of America · 95 Days · 103 Moments · September 2017

Visiting Tracy in Orlando

27 December 2017

The last Pokémon has been kicked out of our hotel gym - we’re home both physically and digitally now

25 December 2017

Back and went to Grandma’s for nice Christmas desert with Ian, Aunt Carol and Uncle John.
Here comes the snow
Dad and Tracy in his speaker spot in the hotel gift shop
Christmas presents!

24 December 2017

Cousin Jenn at 50s Primetime Diner - such shenanigans!
2 meatloaves!
Prime time cafe shenanigans! Fake ketchup bottle!
I had my elbows on the table...
The den at prime time cafe
Tracy’s last reservation! (Also this photo saved our reservation at prime time cafe!)
tower of terror doesn’t look so scary on Christmas Eve!
Pretzels at Fantasmic
Tower of terror projection
Yellow ranger from the movie!
Tribute to Disney’s live action movies - including Rocketeer!
Speeder bike!
Defending Star Tours!
Ewoks and AT-AT
Chinese theatre
New Star Wars and Lego land models
Toy story
Sitting with Mommy and Tracy waiting for Dad in Africa
Waiting in line for Pandora flying ride
Satuli food! Even had boba
Satuli restaurant was a human military structure that was donated to the Navi for a peacemaking gesture!
Avatar land!
Real live mech!
Saw a mech!
We got the ice cream!

23 December 2017

Space mountain!
Waiting 2 minutes for Space Mountaim Fast Pass to initiate
Beautiful caste show Happily Ever After
Mmmmm fruit waffle sandwich
Pretty walk with Mommy to Thunder Mountain. We successfully used my map!
Haunted mansion!
Tomorrow land
We beat Zurg!
Space Rangers!
Pretty castle views
We walked into the Christmas Parade!
Soaring at The Lands
Ate in China
Our test track car!
Rays at crush!
Obeday oobeday!
EPCOT walkuo!

22 December 2017

Gave Tracy new John Green book!
Surprise balloons and card from Mickey!
At 33 and melt for grilled cheese dinner!
Tracy let me try on an ear hat!
Tracy’s room!
Uniglo shopping - spinning big wheels to win candy!
Sandwich has stuffing cranberry turkey mmmmm
Earl of Sandwich!
Weird shampoo with “marine botanicals” smells like sushi?

21 December 2017

Christmas tree display with decorations themes for movies
All this way and still snow
Mallory at her birthday dinner!
Tracy is here!
Pretty mallory on her birthday!
Dad got me the Star Wars magazine!
Got in the airport gym!
Ready to leave!

23 September 2017