United States of America · 12 Days · 186 Moments · March 2017

South by South Wrinkle

17 March 2017

Misty wet Grand Rapids!
Landing in Chicago
Sitting watching planes
Took another gym!
Last fresh air in Austin + cherry pie from SXSW!
Food trucks
Last food truck?
Mallory brought Voodoo donuts!!
Grumpy cat flG in lane?
Pedestrian game looks cool
Video game developers
Storm trooper takes nap
Gaming expo
Hippo Campus rocked it!
Convention rooms are all stages now

16 March 2017

AMAZING dinner at Taco Land
River walk
San Antonio
Alamo wall
Someone needs to update
Crockett everything
San Antonio
San Antonio
Texas road trip!
Lucky Horse Shoe!
Costume shop!

15 March 2017

Had to get Jack in the Box while we're here!
Went to an amazing toy store and beat a Pokémon gym with Mallory!
Saw just a few bats, but not the Million Nat Cloud that comes in the summer
Pretty walk looking for bats!
Personal poems!
Chilling at the Alamo
The ml he Sylvio was super weird
Tamerin won a GoPro! Also, Liz won a 360 cam and wants to give it to us!
Cool mobile switcher tech! Mallory did interview
Raleigh represent
Liz won a Fitbit!

14 March 2017

Michigan bands
Ponies In a parking lot. They're tied up while a Texan is in the store
Great long walk back
Donut everything!
Gorurdoughs! Donuts in everything!
Mazda Ride!
Robots from Sony!
New Frontline VR experience premiere! We learned about volumetric VR from the director, Cassandra
NASA! Tried moving objects in a vacuum and it was really hard! Astronauts are cool
What a sunrise!

13 March 2017

Hanging out at Alamo breaking down what just happened
Frank Oz! Muppeteers! Robert Rodriguez!
Beautiful performance with children's choir singing muppet songs. And Frank Oz swaying in the wing moved me more than I expected. I felt so connected to the muppets, their creators, and everybody in that theatre. Liz and I both had tears
Alamo draft house for Muppets documentary!
Again, shaking. Met the Frontline Executive producer and learned that frontline is trying to partner with local 360 filmmakers for better diversity of geographical stories!!! Ahhh!!!
Mosaic Panel at the Michigan House!
They're playing the album I bought!
Astonishingly wise stories from Gareth Edwards who really encouraged us to make content - and then I shot up and asked the first question asking him to talk about K-2 and how he got to be such an emotional character! Gareth said that the actor was given free reign with his lines and put a ton of personality into it. There are many jokes on the cutting room floor that were too dark to talk about
Excited for these seats for Gareth Edwards!
In line for Gareth Edwards - Star Wars Rogue 1 director!

12 March 2017

AMAZING MOVIE!!! Incredible crowd!!
Tommy Wiseau!!!
Inside Paramount - old movie house. We befriended the woman who runs it at EFU
At the Paramount for premiere of new James Franco Seth Rogan movie!
Great talk about SCIENCE!
Good thing we got the fast pass!
2nd row for Bill Nye doc! Will he be here?
On a social room scavenger hunt!
I got a seat for Game of Thrones Show Runners round table!
Panel about Tower - I guess I have to see this movie! It's the third time it's been discussed
Tried Soylent for the first time! I wouldn't recommend it based on taste, but it actually filled me up when I was hungry and has an October expiration date and doesn't need refrigeration
Oh no! Los Pollos Hermanos! Watch out for Gus!
Astounded by the fearlessness, style, and emotion in these documentary films. They've ignited a fire for storytelling and humanity that I did not expect to feel. I spent the second half of the shows weeping. I have to get the rest of the group to watch them.
Cool view of Austin from theatre
Got passes for new James Franco premiere, Bill Nye documentary, and muppet actors documentary!

11 March 2017

2040 Google party
Waiting to get in the Google party and learning why Austin Sucks?
Cool elevator ride going to Google party
Rain gear up
E.L.F lounge!
Getting your short film made
Documentary shorts were inspiring at the Zach Theatre.
Women in entrepreneurship
Rick hert gave me a hat to wear I spent some time in the filmmakers lounge and had a lemon poppy seed bread. Because I'm a filmmaker!

10 March 2017

Fun dancing at the SXSW film kickoff party!
Crazy moon ring and beautiful Austin at night
NO WAY!!! @Midnight taping with Chris Hardwick and Nick Swardson!! Comedy Central Show! And it's in the theatre where austin city limits is filmed!
Comedy Central taping!
Director Brian Nappenberger kicking off the film portion of festival debuting newest cut of movie!
In and ready for Nobody Speak:Trials of the Free Press premiere!
In its sponsorship slide, McDonald's says it is "the official quick serve/fast casual sponsor" Makes me think: "No, you're just fast food!"
Queued up for my first Film Premiere at SXSW!
Jake Tapper was being a real standup dude for journalist integrity
Whoa. Cory Richards, National Geographic photographer and explorer of the year talked about getting to Everest without extra oxygen
What an incredible talk! All about creating hope by showing positive and diverse media messages! Also, she had been to GVSU to speak!
Waiting for first session about impact through storytelling outside and down the stairs!
Java Morning!

9 March 2017

Mazda's hostage! When asked how to loosen it, they said "it's not designed to come off, but don't worry - its waterproof." I will not be handcuffed!
Takin pics!
Liz's first Mochi!
Pork buns!
Eating Japanese for dinner!
Such a cool street!
What a store!
S congress is my favorite
Mallory and I took a gym at Yeti! Already getting attacked though
On the bridge!
Beautiful rivertront!
"Justice is what love looks like in public" Roberta Rivera quoting his students j. Chicago these talks were moving and galvanizing -
Getting ready for next session
"When you use eloquent humor to through tension, you always bring someone back." -Liz Merriman
Had to get at third taco - this was shrimp and had feta cheese and pickled cabbage so surprising!
These tacos are so good I clapped when I took a bite
People say these are the best tacos in Austin - president Obama ate here last year I got one of my tacos "Trashy"
How to get tacos
Ready for a presentation from friends at Kahoot. Mallory and Liz met them yesterday!
The capitol! Everything smells like BBQ sauce
Started morning by editing Michigan Women's foundation and Mallory is finishing them off now. Later today I'll probably start Ebony Road Players video. I'll get to be one of the cool people at the tables being busy working on something

8 March 2017

Burgers at P. Terry's playing "Little help from my friends"
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!??? Won MAB Award for Pickin in Michigan! Zach texted picture while we were riding with an awesome man from Michigan who then went to Navy and then a school for delinquent youth in California.
I graduated!
Very awesome game called check your privilege
It's this kinda day!
Up close for how to make awesome educational videos hosted by PBS Digital studios, Nova, and TED!!! So stoked!
Fantastic talk on Ending Structural racism by focusing on creating equity in tech industry. I asked a question to clarify what company culture of exclusion look like
One of the International films was made by a Mosaic filmmaker!
Just doesn't see right for International Women's Day...
Planning coffee
I'm reading my Super Mario book while listening to Bastille album while Liz and Mallory continue to sleep. (I don't want to be the one that makes us late, so I've been getting up first)

7 March 2017

Got our tacos! I had tasty molé
Exploring the Austin City Limit! In East town thanks to Holly's recommendation from the story wranglers
The Wonder Triplets on the train!
Made a script with the Story Wranglers and I acted it out! Even skinned my knee acting it out
I think I'm doing a pretty good job talking about Mosaic to people, I get nervous talking about it sometimes. I think I need to practice the pitch more. I'm so happy I brought Mallory's Mophie battery case + Wrinkle's external battery - these conferences burn battery!
Had a really nice chat with a college professor from Maryland who is finding ways to do the programs she had had cut by administration without their backing or funding. This is after a presentation about being "undercover innovators"
Had some confusion about where to be - bounced around a bit due to obscured directions, but got to take in some of the EDU vibe
Too jazzed after Pixar talk! It feels like such a perfect match - Elyse offered her card to continue conversation about Mosaic!
Snagged FRONT ROW CENTER for Pixar!
Got lost looking for Ballroom EFG for Pixar and then learned it's on the 4th floor which you can only get to by riding two giant escalators at the very front.
That last talk wasn't targeted for Mosaic so I left halfway through and went to student films early. They certainly weren't Mosaic Films. They were either aggressively experimental or a high schooler playing a CEO type film. Nothing too honest or expressive. The best film was the only documentary where the student went with her family to Germany with her grand. Other who hadn't been since her family fled the Holocaust.
Learning about digital tools and Social Emotional Learning!
Teaching storytelling for empathy engagement is our first discussion! Hosted by the producer of one of my favorite shows, The Moth Radio Hour
Planning day at breakfast!
At breakfast today, a woman named Chris from New Orleans sat with us at breakfast. She comes to Austin 4 times a year for corporate meetings - they do education resources and work with state department of education. After she left, we debated whether she sat with us or we stole her table. Ah!
Importing new Bastille CD I got from Target last night into iTunes and then to phone!

6 March 2017

Notes on where we have to eat! Should Randina's be where we get our Austin Tacos?
Hook em horns! Getting groceries at Target!
DELICIOUS southern fried chicken!
Crazy 6 street
Got my official badge! Mallory is having some trouble getting her picture on hers. Learned about some good local BBQ from the volunteer!
What a hotel! Under construction, but amazing!
Synced watch to Austin time!
My bag has been spotted!
What a flight!
Waiting for the C group to board BINGO!
Made it through security!
On the Road!