United States of America · 3 Days · 50 Moments · August 2017

Chasing the Eclipse

22 August 2017

And back. What a trip!

21 August 2017

Giant rainbow! It was a FULL rainbow - and with all the colors even violet!
Cool traffic
The corona was unbelievable. The sky went dark, stars came out, and the nighttime bugs got really loud. It struck me that the corona was many times bigger than the sun or moon. The moon's umbra was blacker than any part of the sky and the corona were enormous brush strokes of wispy white magic. It glowed and shimmered against the black sky. Seems so unreal. As the sun came back, the heat was much more noticeable than as it got covered and cooled down
Good view!
Pinhole viewer time!
Making pinhole viewer!
Made it!
My head is in a box!
How about those blue skies in Princeton?
Almost went to Eddyville!
Tennessee river!
I like it!
Made it in Kentucky!
Ohio river in Illinois!
Passing Metroplolis - Home of Superman!
Wow in the world is heading to Kentucky too! Getting good facts!
Sound of southern Illinois!
In the gas station bathroom line, we heard stories from the backed up freeway. Google Maps is MVP today!
Even The Southern is celebrating the eclipse!
Google Maps playing good defense keeping us off of the traffic-filled freeway on the Illinois country roads
After comparing Eclipse map, weather, drive times we've decided to redirect to Princeton, Ky - only 24% cloud cover at eclipse time!
Mississippi River
Heading to Eddyville, KY - closest place on the path of totality with less than 40% cloud cover! Bye Babler!!!
Engaging Plan B - too much cloud cover in De Soto. Packing to go to Tennessee!

20 August 2017

The river we canoed!
Crazy caverns!
We went inside of that rock face!
Cool clouds while waiting for cave guide!
Jesse James!
We own the caverns!
On the bus to canoe the Meramac caverns!
New song from The Killers on 104.9! Love St. Louis radio!
Going to caves!
Awake and reading

19 August 2017

Driving in past St. Louis talking about Louis and Clark's expedition!
They know we're coming!
Chicago tattoo!
Rap chips?
Avoiding traffic thanks to Maps!
The crew's all in! First half hour down and we're all fed!