North America, Europe · 13 Days · 60 Moments · August 2017

Jack Cruising through Greece

30 August 2017

Our last feast in Greece and we went big. Whole Seabass in a salt crust. It was quite a show how they presented it.
Cretian olive oil tour.
Post lunch coma. Sleeping beauties.
After a delicious lunch in Plaka, we headed over to an olive oil farm for a little olive oil tasting and even got an education on how it's made.
Our barrier to keep BA out of the pool while mommy & daddy enjoy being outside.
Baby not sleeping = daddy not sleeping = watching the sun come up.

29 August 2017

After an exhausting day of eating, cruising and beach we decided to head into town for cocktails and a lovely dinner. Blake-Anne loved teething on the water bottle and her highchair was a little too big.
Then we hung by the beach and played in the sand.
Afternoon boat trip and beach visit.
We cruised around the Elounda Bay this afternoon. Took in the sights, swam a little and even did a little snorkeling.
Pool buddies
I thought the helipad was just for show. Or a joke. Nope - it's legit. Someone just arrived at the resort via chopper. #baller
Morning baby naps are the best!

28 August 2017

Pool time
We've made it to our amazing hotel, Domes of Elounda, in Crete. We were upgraded to a villa with a private pool!! Pretty sweet.

27 August 2017

Blake-Anne decided she wanted to be a Greek goddess and wrapped herself in toilet paper.
On our walk back to the hotel from dinner at Kuzina. Beautiful view of the Acropolis and a cute little church that a modern hotel was built around.
Bus tour around town. Including a stop near our hotel, the Grande Bretagne
It was super hot, but we toured the Acropolis of Athens. Pretty amazing.
Blake loved wandering around the Temple of Zeus.
Changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

26 August 2017

Cocktail hour and dinner with a view.
Lunch in Athens
We're back on land. Touring around Athens and taking in the Acropolis from all different angles. Weird thing is I don't k IWALY if I should stop or go at green lights. They have a stop sign at traffic lights. So confusing.

25 August 2017

Our last night in the Princess Grill.
Leaving Volos.
Today we visited the incredible monasteries of Meteora. Absolutely breathtaking. The monasteries were built in the 13th & 14th century on top of giant rock pinnacles. Then we finished with a traditiinal Greek lunch of tzatziki, moussaka, pork, potatoes, eggplant and of course wine.
Cable cart ride.

24 August 2017

Dinner in the Princess Grill. Jack and I had Duck à l'Orange and Amanda had a lamb shank. If you're counting; that's lamb 3 nights in a row. But then a little nugget decided she didn't want to sleep and joined us for dinner. Until mommy took her back to bed.
Leaving Santorini
Touring Fira.
Some beach time in Perissa.
Jack enjoying the ride/views between Oia and Perissa.
Stop for coffee in Oia.
Touring around Oia.
Coming into the port for Santorini.

23 August 2017

Our day at sea. Jack and I got a mini-facial, neck trim and a shave to get ready for formal night. We had a nice lunch in the Princess Grill, Blake-Anne played in the the play room and then we all had cocktail as we sailed into the island of Greece.

22 August 2017

Dinner with an amazing sunset as we sail to Santorini.
Goodbye Katakolon. Sailing off into the sunset.
After our morning in Olympia, we had a nice lunch in the Princess Grill, hung by the pool and soaked up some rays.
Touring the site of the first Olympics in Olympia. The site was built 2500 years ago.

21 August 2017

Playing peekaboo on the boat.
Touring the Old Fortress of Corfu. Built in the 6th century AD.
Touring The Palace of Saint Michael & George
Wandering Corfu and having a great lunch at Aegli Restaurant.
Touring the New Fortress in Corfu. New because it was built in the 1500s when the Old Fortress was built in the 6th century AD.
Good morning, Corfu!

20 August 2017

Masquerade Ball Crushed.
We're on a boat!!
We're off to Trieste to catch a big boat.

19 August 2017

Wandering around the boat and hitting golf balls.
Our first dinner in the Princess Grill.
Dinner at Al Fontego dei Pescatori
Randall and BA checking out San Marco Square.
Drinks in San Marco Square
Snacks and some vino to hold us over till dinner.
Boat taxi from airport to hotel. Traveling in style.
First leg done! Blake-Anne did great except for the projectile vomit all over daddy because we have her a 2 hour old bottle. Whoops! Off to Venice.

17 August 2017

Snuggles with mama before takeoff.
We're off!