Germany, Mexico · 27 Days · 17 Moments · September 2017

Ramona's tour through Mexico

11 October 2017

Is that where basketball came from? They had to theough the ball through the hole in the second pic. The ball was made of rubber from the rubbee trees.
Here we go. That's the Pyramid in Chichen itza. Built 400 after christ this is a quite young location in History - it is located here as there's a lot of water around. It has 4 sides - each presemting 91 steps. 91 days is one season - so each side is dedicated to one agricultural season. In the Mayan calendar one year has 18 months - each month 20 days. 18x20 is 360 - so what's with the missing 5 days? These are the bad, the dark days where everyone stays in their houses. If you look at the top of the pyramid you will see it is not really centered. In fact it's exactly 22.1 degrees off. This is the inclination of earth that causes our seasons. On top of the pyramid there's a face. Previously that was a sculpture of a mummut but it fell off due to its weight. Actually this pyramid was smaller until a new king in the year 900 past christ decided to build a larger one around it. The admin distric became the basement. Tough luck. Veeery impressive...
Still on the bus I've learned there are still 7 million mayas (mixed bloods) living in Mexiko. Part of them still speak the maya's traditional language. When it comes to names Rodriguez, Hernandez, Gonzalez are typical Mexico names. Chi, Jan, Cocon, Chan are typical Mayan names. Actually the Mayan names sound quite Chinese I have to say 😆. Actually archeologists think the mayan and the chinese are relatives as they share a special birth mark - the mongolian espat. It is a purple mark on the lower back. Also interesting are the mayan figures. Lying Bars mean five, dots mean one. So the number nine is represented by 3 bars and 4 dots.
Ony way to Chichen Itza - pronounced,Tschitschen Itzha' - having nothing to do with Chicken 😬 The pyramid within the location became one of the world wonders. In Spain it is called el Castillo - the Castle. It is a three dimensional calendar. 91 Steps to get on top on 4 sides - makes 364 steps in total. So 1 day missing. The last one is to get into the chamber - complete 365 days. Thw Mayas calendar had 18 months but only 20 days per month. It is easier than our calendar actually. We have months with 29,29,30 and 31 days.... The pyramid shows 18 platforms - represemting months and 4 sides representing the directions east, south, west and north as well as the 4 elements fire, water, earth and air. Today we'll find out the moon phase of ou birth day. The maya think iur persinality is depending in the moon phase while our birth. Full moon are the loud and outgoing personalities, the new moon is for the silent. Quintana Roo is the state where our hotel is.

10 October 2017

At 7pm the closing event starts. A 2 hours theatre about Mexico’s history starting with the Maya’s culture. I enjoyed the ball game where the ball was on fire!!
There was this paradise boat tour through the jungle. I enjoyed that a lot after walking and swimming all day!
Mexico has a wonderful variety of different species to offer. Unfortunately the great whale sharks return in March so I could not see them. Good reason to return though 👏🏻
XCARET - Snorkeling - Boat trip - float in an underground river - wooow, stunning beauty if nature

8 October 2017

The evening at the beach in Cancún are so wonderful. Only the Mosquitos... Grrrr
Kin-Ha Cenotes tour - ziemlich cool. Cenotes sind Löcher im Dschungel, die mit Trinkwasser gefüllt sind. Früher (und auch noch heute) dienen sie den Mayas als Trinkwasser Quelle. Und man kann super drin baden 👍🏻

7 October 2017

Ciao Philipp und Caro und viel Spaß auf eurer Reise ❤️👋🏻 schön dass wir uns in Cancún nochmal treffen konnten ☺️
First morning at the hotel in Cancún - amazing view!!

6 October 2017

That was a nice dinner with the colleagues in Monterrey 😍

17 September 2017

Very nice Bustour with the turismo hop on hop off bus 👍🏻
Day 2 was also relaxing. Got up at 5 am but was om as I went to bed at 8pm. Then I was motivated and die some jogging in the hotel's fitness area. Afterwards did the hop on hop off tout and stopped in that beautiful park. Very nice here and Monterrey has amazing moumtains!
1st day in Monterrey was very relaxed. Had an amazing octopus for lunch and bought fluffy balls ballerinas in the shopping mall 👏🏻

15 September 2017

The trip started in Salzburg - take off at 10:40am heading Frankfurt. After that 12 hour flight to Mexico City - was very convenient. Actually I was hungry all the time. Watched Lady McBeth & Baywatch. Really enjoyed the flight. Then the next stop was Mexico City and then to Monterrey. We almost flew to India as we didn't notice that the flight was going there next and we did not exit as no one did. 😀