Norway · 5 Days · 19 Moments · February 2017

20 February 2017

Lindsey Stirling Konzert
The Opera in Oslo is pretty awesome. You can walk on top of it outdide and enjoy the view on the fjord. It was quite slippery but we brave Austrian girls made it without any problem - certainly we did :) After walking in top we had a short trip to the shopping district near the cathedral to buy the baking forms fir Maria's colleague. Then we returned to the Opera and enjoyed a guided tour. We had the chance to catch sight of the Ballerina's accomodations and saw some dancers in good shape 😁 The backstage atea is huge - they said it is about 8.000 m2.
Mmmh frühstücken mit Maria

19 February 2017

T-Bone number 1 moved us to holmenkollen safely. There were many people going sledge driving on rhe way. Around the ski-jumping area there was a ski-cross country loipe and there was kind of a contest. Norwegians are really keen on sports seems like... Akso sranding on top of the ski- jumping tower you feel very awesome. I'd never do that... It is so crazy.
The espresso house is kind of the norwegian starbucks. We both realky enjoyed our Smørevbrød filled with shrimps and egg.

18 February 2017

That was soooo cool ❄️🍸 The glasses were made of ice. Maria had frozen wine and fir me it was Pepsi
The way back was beautiful but freezingly cold. It was raining a little bit too and ou feet startet hurting after we had walked almost 60 km the previous 2 days 😲❄️💨
The story behind the Kon Tiki museum us so impressive. Sailing on that woiden float from Peru to Polxnesia, just to prove these cultures were in toucb before anyone would have expected - is crazy. 🗿⛵️
Had a great time at the Vikings museum ⛵️

17 February 2017

After a long day we had excellent dinner at the Lofoten Fiskerestaurant. We both said we had the best fish soup of our life! After that we were at the cinema and watcged Fifty Shades Darker 😎
On our way back we were quite tired and cold but the great view at sunset compensated our efforts a lot.
This museum was amazing. We laughed a lot because my brother is a carpenter and the way the norwegians just do not build any foundation - but put the house on a rock underneath each of the four edges was just unbelievable for us. However - why not actually.
Oscarshall was a tiny and cute fortress. The way there was very lovely because we could walk along the fjord just next to the water.
We can't deny we had fun with those statues 🤘🏼
The Vigeland Park shows a load of very impressive monuments incuding a Monolith symbolizing the life of a human being - the developmend of the body from baby to old age & also the variety of feelings we experience. Mist of tge statues were naked. I think the Norwegians like naked people 😀
Enjoyed the breakfast at Kaffeebrenneriet - in a container next to the ice skating area - had everything but coffee. Outside we saw a snow-castle 🏰

16 February 2017

Wer had such a great first evening at the Havn :)
Thanks to Edgar for the private Tour on the ALTA Society - the Navy's last wooden vessel.
A great first evening. Had the best risotto of my life!