73 Days · 18 Moments · August 2017

Ralph's Bits and Pieces.

19 October 2017

U Boat Pin U99. Extremely rare. The same U Boat from the moves Das Boat.
Cap badge found on the battlefield at Gallipoli, Turkey
WW1 Trench Art Piggy Bank , made out of German Mauser Bullets.
WW1,18 Pounder Shell, handle made out of bullets, Regimental crest Royal Dublin Fussiliers. Commemorating the Battle of Loos France in1916. Family coat of arms belonging to John Redmond, a famous Irish Politician.
Second World War, Relics .
Signed Autograph of Robert Hebras ,1 of 6 survivors of the Oradour Sur Glane Massacre where 642 men women and children were killed by the SS Panzer Tank Regiment (Das Reich ). During the Second World War in France
Original Nazi Belt buckle, and Nazi Party Pin.

18 October 2017

30 Million year old Rhino tooth
South Korean army cap badge
Irish Garda Badges.

17 October 2017

Got from charity shop not sure what it is but I love it.

13 August 2017

ALF. Made from bike chains, screws and nuts and bolts. Awesome
French foreign Legion Kepi
Given to me by Kevin a steel helmet, cool.
Musket balls from Ireland, and a lead figure head?.
Genuine Viking horses head made from stone, with glaze on it.
Genuine child's Viking bracelet

7 August 2017

World war two, SD benzin ration card, extreme rare.